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WROL,TSHTF,TEOTWAWKI , non verbal comms

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Un-hijacking the thread, huh? OK. I'm not sure I completely agree. Under the heading of "you fight like you train" the possibility of confusing the codes under stress seems too great to change the meanings. The code might be cracked but is that really a big problem? The odds of someone who knows you well enough to crack the code AND be a threat seems remote. Not impossible but improbable perhaps?


I would argue that the codes are needed now. My family has ways of saying I'm in trouble, both verbally and non-verbally, already in place. It is important.


Just my not so humble opinion, of course.



In all seriousness, no matter how well you build a code, and how closely you guard it, you will not blindly trust anyone you don't already trust, the idea of a system for comm is to give a sign to possibly friendly people of possibly safe passage, water, food, shelter,etc. neither you nor the person you are communicating to will or should trust the signals or code.

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