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Basic urban survival kits - critiques/suggestions/etc?

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I'm a new member to this side of the site, but have been cruising through the many articles and forum posts for a while now - probably the best site I've found, period!


Anyways, I've been increasingly living by the "I'd rather have it, and not need it, than need it and not have it" ethos following conversations with workmates. I'm lucky enough to work in an outdoors store in between university (camping/tramping/general outdoors stuff), so have ready access to some quality stuff. I've set up a wee kit that is constantly in my bag (mini get home kit I guess) and I have one in my car. I'm posting to get some thoughts on the kit, an whether the guru's on here have any critiques/suggestions/etc. on my kits. Thought it might also throw up some discussion, I dunno...


Onto the kits!


Mini get home kit (always on me):

Gerber Paraframe

AMK first aid kit (Ultralite 5)

Fire steel

AMK e-bivvy

Led Lensor P5 torch

Box of waterproof matches (x50)

Whistle (on my key-chain)

5m 3mm dyneema cord

Store all of this in a small drybag

Also have a paclite gore-tex jacket rolled up in the bottom of the bag


In the car (bigger get home kit I guess?)

AIDE first aid kit - bit bigger than the AMK and meant to set someone up for c. 5 days

Gerber Big Rock camp knife

2x 50 boxes of water proof matches

2x survival blankets

4x light sticks

water bottle (1L)

3L of water

10m 5mm cord


Couple bags of freeze dried food

Black Diamond Spot head torch

Role of duct tape

Couple litres of petrol

Sits in a back-pack in the boot of the car incase I need to get up and go!


Think thats about it. Managed to set it all up for around $400NZ. Any thoughts or suggestions on extras welcome!

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welcome to the site. Your kits look pretty good. I have a couple of thoughts for your consideration.

You mini-kit is for the case that you can not get to your vehicle. Looking at the kit I notice a couple of 'missing' items.

If your vehicle kit is not available, I would think I would want at least a bottle of water in the kit. I can refill it if needed but if I'm walking out, having a water container and water (or if trapped in a building because of a quake or civil unrest (Occupy wherever insanity) or ??).

Along the same line, a source of food - bars, trail mix, candy, what ever suits you, but some source of quick calories, just in case you need an extra day to get to your supplies.

I like the whistle (I think it is a highly under rated signal device) - my EDC (Every Day Carry) includes a whistle - compass - magnifying glass - signal mirror. Not knowing what your EDC is makes it a little difficult to comment on the mini-kit. We have a thread for EDC contents and it might be good to check it out.

I don't know what the climate is like where your are ( the $400NZ I take as a "clue" that you are a Kiwi. Loved your military guys when I was in Viet Nam, btw, always wanted to visit but never got the chance.)

I also have a green laser pointer in my EDC. It is extremely bright and can be used to signal quite a distance. Just don't shine it AT an aircraft. Not only is it very dangerous to the crew but it can (is in the US) be illegal. Pointed straight up, it is very visible at night (astronomy clubs use them as pointers to identify stars) but leads to where you are.

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Welcome to the site. Working at an outdoor store looks like it gives you a leg up on the gear prep. Also agree with Capt about the whistle. Its a key device to have, whether hiking or in prepping. Be sure it is on you and not in your bag, or it might be impossible to reach when you need it (but it looks like you got that covered too). I would also look at adding a bandanna to your EDC. Comes in handy for just about anything. I believe there is an article about it on the site. Also, look at adding maps of the local area. If your phone is lost or dies, you will not have an easy way to find alternative routes home or out of town. Lastly, I would be careful about storing gasoline/petrol in your car's boot. Other than that, you got it covered.

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Thanks for the suggestions - much appreciated!


Our army lads have a bit of a name for them thats for sure! I've just got the lot in a little dry-bag inside my backpack (or whatever bag I have with me at the time). I'm pretty big on keeping things inconspicuous, so try to have something that stores away without too much fuss.

Don't have a bandanna but have a Buff, in theory should work as well?

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rb, a buff should work great. I've looked into those and should give it another review. My first thought goes thought bandannas just because I always have one (or a nicer handkerchief) on me, but a buff would do the job as good if not better.

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