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Storing water in plain sight

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I feel like a lot people who don't stock water don't do it because well good luck explaining to 'normal' people why you have a 55 gallon drum of water. Despite best efforts to hide preps the do get stumbled upon and you better have a good excuse ready when it does. Also the 55 gallon drum is not easy to hide.


Any way the solution I use is 5 gallon water cooler style jugs.


No one has ever asked me way I have 40 gallons of water sitting in plan sight and they get cycled out about every other month as one gets drank allowing for cleaning and reliable access to fresh water. Just though I would share because it seemed genius when I realized it.

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As far as i'm concerned this is a good idea. I bought a couple of a few months back, less than ten bucks a jug and keep them in my basement. I would get many more but room is an issue. One thing I would add is to have some kind of sealant on hand so that if SHTF you can make them air tight for long term.

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That IS freakin' genius, man. Can you pick up the water dispensers at Home Depot? I've seen them somewhere recently but not ringing a bell. I can set that up in my garage and no one would say anything about spare bottles stacked next to it.

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I feel like a lot people who don't stock water don't do it because well good luck explaining to 'normal' people why you have a 55 gallon drum of water. Despite best efforts to hide preps the do get stumbled upon and you better have a good excuse ready when it does. Also the 55 gallon drum is not easy to hide.


Any way the solution I use is 5 gallon water cooler style jugs.


No one has ever asked me way I have 40 gallons of water sitting in plan sight and they get cycled out about every other month as one gets drank allowing for cleaning and reliable access to fresh water. Just though I would share because it seemed genius when I realized it.


I have a supply of 2.5 gallon bottled water. 5 gallon water bottles are a tad heavy for the ladies in my house to handle. 8.5 lbs per gallon (approximately) that's 42 lbs. A little heavy for smaller stature or older folks. The 21 lbs of a 2.5 gallon bottle is much easier to handle, carry and leaves the remainder sealed. It also is a tad more flexible for reuse purposes.

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Home Depot, Costco, probably even china mart. But this beats stacks of disposable water bottles. Look for BPA free ones and a handle is nice if you ever have to carry it farther then 40 feet but not essential.

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Water in order to be called potable


must be treated and "SEALED" these bottles are not sealed as with temperature differential will

cause them to BREATH as they breath the chlorine gas is siphoned off

water is effected by the phases of the moon and gravity IT'S CALLED NATURE.


we have all filled a gas can and left it outside only to find it sucked in or bloated

this is an extreme example but water does the same thing this is why head space is important

a barrel "blue poly" must be full the top is slightly bulged / domed so a gas pocket of chlorine

keeps water stable and not algae ridden blue poly come in 15 gallon sizes


In a previous post a chart from civil defense and a link from the cold war, true potable water last for

many years this is not long term and it will require more treatment and filtering.

the cost of these jugs if added together is not less expensive than blue poly has not the needed seal

nor as durable.


if you are not wanting to have them seen then plywood floor an area in the attic over a wall or where

there are a few walls intersecting to bear the load and fill in the attic.


And the ladies if we all resign ourselves to their strength and interest in mechanical and weapons

do not bother to try to survive.

I have trained many women they are better students if they are interested like anyone else, but this is why there are 2 sexes working together

anything can be overcome and is possible but do not relegate yourself to

the smallest or weakest instead teach them how to overcome.

I never had a pony I had a horse I had to learn to overcome not trade it

for something I would grow out of.

mechanical advantage need to be taught if we go through a event that

leads to no power then how is work to be done.

I have chain falls block and tackle hydraulic jacks and understand pulleys

and leverage dead man dead falls gear multiplier factors learn and teach

and try to learn more.


and one thing about prepping LEAVE IT ALONE every 6 months check it and do not finger it

literally finger prints have oils and acids this will cause rust or degradation of rubbers and plastics

and ammo brass will tarnish and start to get verdigris green oxidation.

gas masks check to see if it is complete leave it in the package and seal in an ammo can as rats

and other vermin and bugs will eat anything and leave it alone.


there is nothing more disease ridden than hands and dirty finger nails so keep your sh*t scratchers

off it quit monkey Forkin' finger forkin it.

its there you have it quit jackin' with it my only advice when you get canned food weather long term

or pantry canned goods check for dents all dented cans should be used first or used in the course of

normal daily meals.

25 year food is not so temperamental as it has no water so it will last fine.

take the cans out of the cardboard box and use plastic containers cardboard attracts bugs bugs are eaten by mice and other bugs and then they procreate and eat the cardboard and make more little bugs.


the way I keep track of what I have and what I need or want is a spiral note book in the back what you want and need as you acquire it write it in the front when the page is finished rip it out.

label the plastic boxes and stack them so they do not crush heavy on the bottom light on the top

survival is about being diligent and organized also you have to focus and budget and have a goal

or your going to have gaps in your supplies it will make being uncomfortable harder there is no need



priority 1 a firearm cannot keep it if you do not have a way to protect it

here is where many get bogged down you do not need an arsenal one each in 22 and a case of ammo

as you can add others as your able but you need to have these others or your house of cards will fall.

2 water storage a gallon a day + 2 gallons for bathing and cleaning use a outhouse do not waste water

3 food 1400 calories a day and one 2000 calorie day a week your going to have to work survival is hard if your worried your ass is going to get wide your too stupid to survive the other half of the idea is in

the big die off the stupid people will be first so the rest of us who survive will not have to listen to their

PC dumb ass sh*t or if it applies your convict devious or degenerate self ...

4 medical / medicine if your sick or in pain your useless to your self or family.


many will try to save family members do not make that mistake many friends are in financial difficulty

just for that reason some to the point of ruin how does this correlate to water well

they are going to use it too lazy and shiftless is not a recent anomaly you need to be realistic enough

to recognize it in your own family and friends wasting resources on the useless is criminal and elderly

good family member who has done for you and been there is more deserving than a young punk who is

too lazy to wake them selves up to go to work or a slut so do not be a fool they will turn on you.

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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This is by far one of the best ideas ive ever heard! Next to the bathtub ofcourse. But thats just a great idea, nobody would ever bother asking about water stored for a water cooler!

Most bathtubs will leak, some very fast. Test yours first with a timer will let you know if you can rely on it, plus they typically have either some dirt and/or soap-residue. I found a "Water BOB", they come in two different sizes, either 60 or 100 gls, cost $20-30 ea. They are a liner for the bathtub, come with a syphon, The only draw-back, right now they are for one time use only.

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This is a little older thread but I still want to reply to it. First off, I ended up buying several pallets of water last year at a charity auction. I devided it up just to find places to keep it. So I strategically placed little stashes every where I could. Its pathetic. People have asked me what I have done with it and I tell them I used it to fill my kid's big round pool and my mom's pond. Anyhow, I also have a 125 gal. aquarium that if I had to, I could make drinkable with little effort. How's that for plain sight. but mostly what I wanted to say here is that as some of you know, I do water treatment for a living. Big systems for manufacturing and chemical plants process water, giant softeners for hospital boilers and laundry services, R.O. and D.I. systems for colleges and Laboratories, and of course residential, like city, well, and cistern water. I recently partnered up with an oil and gas company to try to develop a more local method of dealing with frac water and other waste waters from gas wells. Well, long story short, we did it. I came up with and tested six successful ways of doing it so the epa and dep would allow the water back into the environment. Each way left the water in a state where if a couple of more steps were applied, it would be potable. Well, I had accomplished this with miniature versions that (all six) fit in a small box trailer. One would even fit in the back of a jeep wrangler. You are left with some sludge by-product that has to be shipped out to a special land fill, but hey. Now the down side is some of this water has a tds in the thousands and some even shows some signs of radiation. Depends and where the well is. I have the proper test kits and can determine potability. These wells are scattered everywhere. Our landscape here is littered with gas well water tanks. If it came to could be drinking water. Not to mention any pond, lake, puddle or stream. But just so you know, we had to let the idea go because it was not going to be cost effective for the gas/oil industry. They are just going to keep deep injecting it or evaporating it in giant sludge trays. But, I still have my prototypes and they are fully funtional. My best can process 200 gal. per hour, uses alum solution injection, and without changing any filters can do about 4000 gal. before it needs some big time service. This may all sound a little too far out there, but I thought some might find it an interesting alternative to talk about.

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Most aquariums have an established bio filter changing ammonia into the nitrogen cycle which live plants will finish off to nitrates (from nitrites). The ph is usually kept around 7. We, especially, would have plenty of sodium hypochlorite or iodine around if we were concerned about immediate potability. One of the ways the health department used to check if cistern water was safe was to put fish or pollywogs in it and come back in a week. If they lived, it passed. Now of course we are talking about freshwater aquariums only. Aquarium water should be of a certain quality by the time you start keeping large aquariums. Mine filters down to .5 microns. I have done "send away" tests for giardia and crypto and there was no protazoa, cycts, or spores at all. Some aquariums also use UV light in the filtering process. Ever since I started keeping discus I put one on. Its safe untill the power goes out. Then you need to treat the water just like we would a lake/river for drinking. 125 gallons goes super fast anyway if you have a thirsty family.

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I just want to add that no one should ever drink the water right out of the aquarium. There are worse things brewing in there than in some rivers/lakes. People with cuts on their hands have even gotten pretty sick just from messing around in one.


What I'm saying is, there is 125 gallons of water that can be treated/boiled and ran through your Berkey, if you had to, and nobody would question its existence. Now I feel better and can go back to bed.

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your right about the aquarium water it is much like stagnant pools in dried out lake


all water is water even sewer water a solar still or a regular still you removing the solids

and you have clear water but not clean water not you must boil for 30 minutes or



I have 55 gallon barrels and 60 gallon drums about 300 to 400 gallons of stored potable

water and am getting a couple more i want a minimum or 500 gallons with gutters I should be able

to maintain the level.


a solar still is nothing more than pvc pipe and ells you need 4 panes of glass or plastic 2 form an

A frame 2 close the ends make your PVC or gutter to set your glass on now make a wood box

and tar or use plastic sheet to waterproof and it has to be the size of your glass this is your

volume pan for sewer water or what ever even radiator fluid and other things can be distilled

some may need to also be dripped through carbon if you can find it the best carbon filter material

is coconut charcoal.


ok box waterproofed pvc or gutter for glass to set in this the trough to carry water away to a receptacle

to save for treatment

remember just like mentioned by JamesHitt74 all water is BAD unless you know its source or have

treated it a small sore or cut washed in tainted water can make you sick and cause anything you

have heard or imagined.


the dirt wall with a plastic sheet over it and a weight like a rock in the center over a container

is a solar still place anything with water like cactus of green leaves you can urinate in the pit

dirty water during the day it heats the water and it condenses on the plastic and runs down to

the center and drips into the container but it is slow and needs quite a bit of area for enough water

for one person and still need to be boiled or treated


best to find a used pressure cooker and some copper tubing and a way to attach it to

rocker stem and some small hose clamps at least as much as you can up to a small roll like 25 foot

and keep it rolled in the cooker and like a spring just uncoil it but try not to work it too much or it

will break plastic is not reliable and some has unwanted chemicals


all of you that are thinking 1 gallon of bleach well I think it is not near enough as all water needs to

be treated if a event like Katrina hurricane and bodies in the water can taint water for long distances

and you cannot even wash in unknown water your a statistic


I have tried to show in my posts that there are already thousands of areas that are toxic can be found on the super fund site and during an event it gets mingled or you travel into the area without a way to treat

water your dead and you really need water treatment tabs that treat for cryptosporidium read the labels

as you will can have days without sun and rain or no dry tinder too much wind not wanting to make

smoke or make noise you can be forced to treat water with tabs or bleach and we have all spoken

of weight of our BOB if you have a family then everyone needs to carry water treatment as it is life

3 to 5 days without water your dead or so drained your immobile and or delirious and your decision

making skills are compromised.

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I feel like a lot people who don't stock water don't do it because well good luck explaining to 'normal' people why you have a 55 gallon drum of water. Despite best efforts to hide preps the do get stumbled upon and you better have a good excuse ready when it does. Also the 55 gallon drum is not easy to hide.


Any way the solution I use is 5 gallon water cooler style jugs.


No one has ever asked me way I have 40 gallons of water sitting in plan sight and they get cycled out about every other month as one gets drank allowing for cleaning and reliable access to fresh water. Just though I would share because it seemed genius when I realized it.


Older thread but I, too, wanted to comment. These are an excellent choice for the apartment dwelling prepper. You can have some on hand and your apartment association/management (who can and do inspect your apartment when you are not home) will have nothing to say about it. It's also easier to find places to stash the smaller bottles out of the way, compared to a 55 gallon drum - and you may not want to move a drum up and down stairs if you relocate.


One thing to note about buying these bottles, get the ones with threaded tips, so you can close them with screw caps and seal them. The generic ones for a water cooler are not as useful for long term water storage. I have several of the 3 gallon ones I bought on, with handles just like the picture above.

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I keep a couple filled, 7 gal Aqua-Tainers on hand. I haven't changed that water for awhile. I need to dump, clean and refill. I assume that some clorox water will do the trick for cleaning. What do you guys recommend when I refill? I know there are some water preservatives on the market, but they seem awfully expensive for just a few ounces of the stuff. Are there any better suggestions?

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    • Онлайн Кредиты Алматы
      Где взять займ с плохой ки?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Быстрое решение по вашей заявке!
      Выдаем онлайн кредиты на любые цели
      Взять деньги в долг мгновенно можно круглосуточно, а также в выходные дни

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