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primer pocket swagers - dillon

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Like most people, I hate removing primer pocket crimp on military brass. Its very time consuming. Ive tried many different tools designed to remove it. RCBS swage dies, reamers, drill bits and chamfer tools. They all kinda suck to use. Reamers and chamfer tools work but using hand tools on thousands of brass takes forever and can be tiring. Drill bits and countersinks also work but can easily remove too much material and mess up your brass. The RCBS Swage die is very inconsitant and the brass likes to get stuck on the swager alot. Primer pocket swaging is unavoidable with military brass. Until recently I did not enjoy reloading 223/556 for this reason.


Last week I picked up the Dillon Super Swage 600. This thing is easy to use, fast, and super consistant. Though it is 3-5xs more expensive than anything else out there, it is well worth the money. A few minutes after I removed it from the box i was rocking out 223 brass. Ive already swaged over a thousand peices of brass and fully reloaded a few hundred. The dillon rolls the top of the crimp away and its the same round after round. The primers go in very smoothly and have yet to crush one. So far I dont see a need for a uniformer. This thing Rocks! I now enjoy loading 223. So much so that I bought another powder measure to keep set up for 223/556 (I now have 4 - one for 223, two for my 2 fav 40S&W loads and one for everything else.). Ill probably pick up another trimmer to keep set up for 223.


If you load 223, dont mess around. Get The Dillon!

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