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Evading the Invaders: Can you escape thermal sensors?

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Hello everyone,

I'm still bothered by what I was told by a "prepping expert" at the recent Prepper's Convention in Dallas. Obviously we all want to avoid being sent to a FEMA camp. Suppose one night while you're at home with your family the power goes out and minutes later there are bright lights glaring outside and you hear the sound of trucks rolling in, helicopters flying overhead, men yelling orders through bullhorns, people screaming, dogs barking, etc. (you get the picture).

After thinking about this I decided on building a hidden safe space in my home. This would be for me & family to escape any such situational "round up" and to use as a storm shelter. However, the "prepping expert" told me that no one can escape being captured by the black op invaders because they'll be using thermal tracking devices. These devices would find us in our safe rooms no matter the thickness or material content; and if we try to escape under cover of darkness.


Is it true what he told me about the thermal sensors?

And do you think this type of scenario would even happen?




You need both common sense and courage to survive.

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Discerning, I will not try and explain the process but have been taught that you can defeat thermal sensors/imaging with the right material/skills. There is alot of different thoughts on this and if it is truly possible, probably some monetary output to establish a "safe" room. You can do some web searches for different ideas and there are books written on the subject. I would recommend a few books and as many websites as you can find to filter the data and see what works. I would suspect there to be as much disinformation on the matter as truth if this is truly possible. Space blankets are supposed to help, but I have never tried this method myself to a degree I can say for sure.

Good luck with your research and I hope you find the truth during your endeavors.


As for the scenario happening.... well that would depend on exactly how marxist the fed gov't keeps moving. Do I think it'll happen; 50/50 chances. I would have been alot further against it in my odds but too many instances of abuse because the individual or group did not bow to the cowards in power.

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Hi Regulator5 -- Thanks for advice. I know the night vision / thermal imagery technology has been used by LAPD for quite some time. Their police choppers are equipped with this technology and they use it to catch suspects in the streets at night. I can totally see drones being used this way in the future. It was the part about heat detecting us through walls that I wasn't sure about and that bothers me the most. I wanted to have a good basic hiding place in which to hunker down locked & loaded. I'll do some research and come back with what I find out.



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you might also want to get familiar with your local fire dept, lots of them are using the thermal sensors to find people and hot spots in buildings/ can then in a round about way determine the strengths and weaknesses of said equipment,thereby enabling you to come up with ideas to defeat them with out being too obvious with your research, maybe not the best way to go about it, just an idea..

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Not just thermal sensors.

Lets just say for a second that a situation arises and people Bug-Out/Take to the Hills, then the govt wants to effectively round up said people


Well... They wouldnt do this from 1 park to the next, it would be a broader effort to round people up as quickly as possible.


Satellite Thermal Imaging. Sensitive enuf to see body heat on Jupiter, but a camp fire on earth would likely suffice.

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The Local and state police in Kentucky have used heat sensors from a copter to spot the HEAT coming off large areas of "POT" grown in and around state and federal lands for years..


So it already being done!!


If you need to hide than get at least 3 foot underground..


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Been kinda curious about this one myself, as I understand this tech can be used to not only see body heat but to see stuctures as well such as the entry to a hidden room
yes but that is getting into advanced tech and unless you are a specific target they probly wouldn't waste the resource, or so i would hope...

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Something to look into would be the thermal insulation products offered at the home builder supply stores. You should be able to find a good bit of information on the web about the various products. If I remember correctly there is a film that can be installed in the overhead to block thermal radiation and some of the bubble wrap style insulation is coated with aluminum foil on one or both sides. There are also treatments for the windows that block thermal radiation. None of this was designed to be used to hide you but it should be possible to repurpose it. Thinks layers as in regular camouflage. PS don't forget the area below the floor.....a cold building with a warm base would look out of place. To test the effects of your work have a company that offers energy saving repair/upgrades to audit the building. Their test equipment should show any energy leaks that would give you away.

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First principal:

If they want YOU, you can not hide in your house. Thermal, human odor, sound, other tells are all present. The possibility of you getting just you, never mind you and your family, into a secure room after the event starts are so small as to be non-existent. Basically, if they decide they want you, you can not THEN choose to hide successfully. The Uni-Bomber was successful for so long because he started hiding BEFORE he was wanted by dropping completely off the grid.


Second principal:

If it is a general round up, it ain't gonna happen that way. The black ops strike is effective against a single house. Against the state of Texas, they don't have enough high tech stuff, special ops troops (they're all in the Sand Boxes of the world), or Intel to make this happen. While a SWAT team kicking in my door at oh-dark-thirty is the stuff of nightmares, it will result in a fire fight because I won't have time to hide. A general round up requires announcements: register your guns (one of the reasons I live in Texas - we don't register guns), turn in your outlawed magazines, turn in your evil assault weapons etc. Then a snitch on your buddy campaign. Then a pick off the low hanging fruit. Finally, a Waco type operation. I just don't see most of the Southern or Western states standing still for that.


Third principal:

The money spent on a safe room is well spent to protect you from home invaders during a time that the rule of law holds. WROL, money on a safe room is much better spent on a bug out location OR on home defense options.


Fourth principal:

Intelligence is key. Pay attention to the "hidden" news items. The Feds just bought a max security prison in Ill. Why? Pump money into Ill (maybe it isn't so in the tank for the democrat party as we've been lead to believe) or maybe to have a place for the ring leaders. What is the state of the southern boarder, relations with our enemies/friends, ammo purchases for other than military use, Homeland Security's latest rules, TSA's checking on highways, etc. Pay really close attention and you may well know before such things are about to start.


The problem with the scenario is that it assumes the local LEOs will side with the Fed in doing this. In Texas and much of the "fly over" country that simply is not the case. There are over 250 million guns in the US in over 150 million households. If we refuse to simply turn them in, just how many can they come and get? If you're the first house hit, that is really lousy luck. By the time they work their way down to me, it won't be much of a surprise and not nearly as easy as they thought.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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The other point in satellite intel is that satellites can't look everywhere. There's a reason we still use U2s for recon. "Spy" satellites (and even comm satellites) are placed in specific orbital paths to cover specific areas of the world. Each has a limited field of vision (which gets smaller in proportion to the level of detail you want) and a finite amount of fuel. For those reasons (among others) you have to retask a satellite to cover a different area, and it is no small undertaking.

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Your expert is an expert of the movies if the Gov wanted to find you and make the concentrated effort, could they? Most likely, can IR see you through walls? Thats a whole different ball of wax. The answer is NO let me explain, thermal sights also known as Infra Red or FLIR see thermal variation (changes in temprature) alot of the gun cam and missile footage you see is from the FLIR sights if you notice even when someone rolls under a cold vehicle they disappear however if the person were to climb into the cab and sit there for an hour the cabs temp would be different from the rest of the vehicle causing it to either be lighter in color or darker depending on the setting of the unit, this is not the movies in reality if you are walking behind a window and I was looking through a FLIR scope I would not see you, press your hand against the glass of that window for a few second and I would be able to see that even for a few minutes after you removed your hand. Yes we tried it with two PAS 13's which are precision FLIR weapon sights that cost $16,000 yes that is sixteen thousand dollars a unit that are mounted on the M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns (Ma Duece), Barrett Sniper rifles, and the CROWS (Crew Remote Operated Weapons System) (I have some of all the above on my hand receipt) as for concrete walls my armorer was in the arms room for four hours and there was zero noticable difference in the sights trying to see him through the walls even at their most sensative setting, however after turning on the heater in the arms room for several hours we could see a blob in the sight that corresponded with the area in front of the heater where it had warmed up the concrete wall slightly. Even satellite thermographics can not see you walking around in a building they can see built up thermal variation (I know from personal experience) in other words it can see your outline if you had been pressed up against a solid wall long enough for it to change temprature if the building is heated or unheated indicating occupation or if you were out in the open. yes the mylar trick works... for a few seconds then you glow like a neon sign. Your expert is not an expert just a wannabe who has seen to many movies and listened to a few to many conspiracies and that is fact.

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well said sir. I WANT YOUR HAND RECEIPT! I lust in my heart to shoot a Ma Deuce again.


Thermal is funny stuff. You're quite correct that just a pane of class (especially the new 'thermal' glass) blinds a thermal image device. Of course, proper gear and the residual heat of your hand as you hold the door to your safe room open for your family might persist long enough to be found. Seeing through walls? No gonna happen unless you have grow lights on for days - then the LEOs will find your attic grow room. Enemy of the State was a cool movie even if there was a Geo-sync satellite stationary over New York! Thermal isn't the only way to track so you are quite correct; if THEY want you, they will get you. Things like rail guns that use thermal imaging to see through walls? Fun to see, especially when the hero used a refrigerator to hide behind, but not gonna happen at this level of technology.

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