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Yukon ALaska

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watching the show Yukon men and i have often thought it would be an ideal location to bug out to or bug after watching the show i dont think it is its just too brutal during the winter times to make it ideal.

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i noticed they had many miles of trap lines and needed a plane to find enough to eat and hides to sell


at certain times of the year you cannot cut wood {it's frozen} can't fish {frozen} can't leave the hovel {blizzard}


some months there is no day light some it never gets dark NO i think I will stay here I can feed myself from my yard


I got dozens of rabbits snakes squirrels coons birds all year long even some deer can raise chickens and rabbits goats etc.


can fish as long as it is not hailing or a gully washer can then just ain't safe.


I don't have to worry about bears stealing my food or trying to figure out how to haul a 1 ton animal back home


don't need a snow machine or make a fire to unfreeze my water or cut wood every day when it is nice to weather


the 9 months of winter yea I am not going anywhere that when my turd falls 4 foot and goes CLINK!


No I have traveled the frozen north and not interested in the slightest plus there are no bikini beaches either.

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