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.357 Sig barrel for Glock 23

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I've posted an advertisement on a local internet classified website for a StormLake .357 Sig barrel for a Glock 23. It's stainless and the substition will allow the shooter to keep using his .40 S&W magazines and fire the high velocity, flat trajectory .357 Sig round. It's great for barrier penetration.


I'm selling it for $80. That's actually a good price, but I bought it at a local gun shop for $100. I'll also include 16 rounds of Hornady 124 gr .357 Sig JHP/XTP ammunition. The original box held 20 rounds, and I shot four out of it as a test. I bought the box for $24 although you can find the same online for about $19.


Here it is for sale at Midway USA:


If you're interested PM me, and I'll send you a link to the website. If you'd like to buy it I'll need you to pay shipping because if I sell it locally I wouldn't incur that expense.


Research tells me the Secret Service, Federal Air Marhal Service, and Texas DPS (troopers) use this caliber as their standard issue. NIJ level IIIA armor is rated to stop this round.

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