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post your bob & contents. (:

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Rod your always lurking waiting to pounce with a real zinger.


Dehydrate it! :rolleyes:



I did that all I got was white dust and it took as much water to rehydrate it as it did in it previous form still working on it.


thinking along that level isn't water based lube concentrated water?



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WTF no one has Vicodin I am not going anywhere with your grouchy arses they will be able to hear you in the next valley


ouch owww ugh snap crackle pop umph...


it is the breakfast of champions taken with a healthy meal you can leap small gopher holes and walk without a pair of sticks

get up after you kneel {with a bit of a push off with your off hand}


yea you youngsters are going to live to regret living and some of us oldsters will die smiling cause all the aches and pains will be over.

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Sup y'all thought I would post my BOB contents and wait for criticism. Background about me I'm not particularly onboard with bugging out, because its out of my comfort zone especially living in a large city and Im not fond of running away.
My pack is a top of the line Seabag as pictured.

sleeping bag
1 man tent
50rnds of .45 ACP
2 tenis balls
hygiene bag with hygiene products
1 baseball cap
1 ear muffs
1911 .45 with 3 mags IWB holster
Gortex Jacket
pepper spray
monkey fist
brass knuckles
50ft paracord to make bracelets for barter items
bug repellant
reflective safety belt
dog food, dog bowl, GI canteen, canteen cup, and canteen pouch.
dog leash
long bow with a 3 arrows (need to buy more)
red bandana cuz I'm a fan of the blood set
Oakley polarized sunglasses with mirror finished (gotta stay tacticool)
marbles and porcelain (to throw at windows)
stamps to pay for stuff or mail stuff
hair comb (cuz i gotta look good)
35mm canister filled with vaseline covered cotton balls
1 ziplock bag with socks, tshirt, and boxer briefs
telescoping baton with sheath
Schrade knife 4" blade full tang.
Glock bayonet
1 IFAK pouch
6 glow sticks
FRS chewable energy candy (look it up, good stuff)
day planner/journal
wooden baseball bat
hand sani
assorted zip cable zip ties
universal cleaning kit
roll of TP
S&W governor with PDX1 ammo

I will carry a pouch outside my bug out bag that I would then carry on my belt
-metal whistle
-signal mirror
-salt packets, first aid kit
-pen, sticky notes
-wet wipes
-1 granola bar
-pack of gum
-ear plugs
-pocket knife

here are some pictures maybe

I dont plan on bugging out, so most of what I have is for bartering or if i need to go and scavenge, but I guess I could bug out if necessary.

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Just Water backpack with extra filters. One of my many items.

Converts water from floods, lake, rain, river, etc. to clean, safe drinking water.

I have the hanging bag also for camp. Cranks out about 10 gallons per day.

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Ok, so here is my work in progress. I'm missing/light on some stuff, which I will outline below.



Brouton compass

2 x waterproof matches

1 x Fire lighters

1 x Exotac nanostriker

1 x Exotac matches and container

1 x emergency whistle

1 x red flare/ orange smoke

1 x 7pk pen flare/launcher

1 x 20y duct tape

1 x Solo Stove

1 x Gransfors Bruk hatchet

1 x 2 person hammock

2 x shemagh (tan/green)

2 x short sleeve shirts

1 x long sleeve shirt

1 x silk thermal top/bottom/socks

2 x watch caps

1 x heavy winter gloves

2 x regular socks

2 x wool socks

1 x amphib shorts (TAD)

1 x amphib pants (TAD)

1 x emergency bivvy

1 x Military sleeping bag

1 x Sparks headlamp

6 x assorted chemsticks



Still needed

1 x Force 10 cargo pants (heavier that the TAD amphib)

2 x wool socks

More batteries for headlamp and flashlights

Topo maps of area for escape/travel routes. I know most of the area by heart, but still needed.

Tinder (Vaseline cotton balls, etc)

GPS (maybe)

Another form of water purification, I can boil so that's one, I'm currently contemplating an MSR purifier, that would pump right into bladders, which would work well as I have them in all my packs. I have also looked into the Steri-Pens.


Shelter - I can't decide on. I really like, extremely light weight, not cheap, but durable. One the flip side, I like some of Kifaru's minimalist stuff, but in an area that gets snow and cold temps, I'm not quite sure how those would work...


Food - I have food at home, but I plan on some MH/jerky stuff to keep in there long term


First Aid - this is something I really need to research more. I know the basics of first aid and trauma care, but not enough. Most of what I have is blood loss control and general stuff, which I suppose covers most of what you'll see in a bug out situation. Luckily the Army has some really good combat medic courses and if I pass RASP, I'm sure I'll get some hands on experience too.


Anyway, point out and laugh and tell me what I'm doing wrong haha.

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nothing to laugh at its a good pack...what about a good knife?

Ah, forgot that. Strider MFS was getting cleaned up and wasn't in the pack at the time. Also I'm waiting on a custom Dalibor Sirius folder. I also have a full sized Tom Brown Tracker, but its really heavy and I think my new Gransfors Bruk hatchet is more useful...Might end up selling the Tracker or putting it in the car pack...

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