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post your bob & contents. (:

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In an attempt to shed ounces where I can, I tried to fit everything that was in my alice pack (previous page) into a smaller pack. To my surprise, the Camelbak Linchpin made a perfect replacement. I was able to fit everything from my alice pack into the camelbak (with a full 100 oz. bladder) and still had room! The best part...the total weight was only 20 lbs. on the dot!! I still have some wet weather gear to stuff in there but it shouldn't be a problem.

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The total weight does include some water, not a full bladder just the stainless water bottle. My area has many springs and creeks I can fill up at with the katadyn pump, so I wouldn't pack the bladder full all the time. I'd like to lighten my bag and have dropped it to just under 50lbs by removing the jacket I mentioned earlier. I can handle the weight easy enough and still cover ground faster than my girlfriend can with her pack anyway, plus Plan A would be to use the truck, horse, or canoe depending on what I was leaving to avoid and which location I was going to. The item I see most as a luxury item is the wood stove for my Kifaru shelter at 2.5lbs, but I'll pack it anyway. Having a shelter with safe dry wood heat can be priceless in some weather conditions that are common in my area, especially if I was traveling on the river or one of the larger streams.


All the gear I'd pack on my body is included in the pack weight except my pistol. As much as I like the big Ruger, the more I think about dropping weight I think I'd pack the little S&W with speed loaders rather than the bigger revolver if I was going on foot. I'd move gear like my knife, multitool, lighter, etc to my body in an emergency but it's all in the pack for now. Likely all I'd have on my body would be my pocket knife, wallet & phone, and one of my Altoids tin survival kits. I'd plan to bug out in jeans, T-shirt, and loose fitting flannel shirt to have a "gray" clothing option besides the camo. Also the shirt would cover my handgun.


Also as I've said before, I have the 2 large marine coolers with extra gear, mostly food/ammo/traps/clothing that would go along also as re-supply containers for the BOB if I was traveling by vehicle or boat, and be moved into the panniers for the horses if I was to use them.

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That Camelback looks like a slick little pack. I have one of their older Stryker packs that I really like. I use it often on day hunts when I don't need the capacity or scabbard of the J34. It is a comfortable little 1280cu pack that weighs very little but holds a survival kit and extra clothing with room to spare.


Forgot to add one other item I'd have on my body. My good 10x42 hunting binos on their harness, I'd definitely want them. Damn, there is another 26oz.

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I posted a hypothetical starter pack a while ago in this thread,

Here's a new one I came up with, added on to what I already have of course, so it's not a complete set, but it's what I am saving up for.



^^^ Good sites someone mentioned at some point




Eberlestock Backpack

LBE Vest


Semi Auto hand gun -9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP


.22 with Scope % Sling

Shotgun w/ sling

hunting rifle with a quality scope and sling. common caliber.308, .270, .30-06, .300, 7mm

Gun Cleaning kit with Repair Tool/ Torx

Sharpening Stone & Kit

Mountain Serape

6x8 tarp

Silver & Gold

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool / or Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier / or Leatherman Supertool

Multi Functional Shovel

Fork & spoon


Gerber - Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Fishing Kit + Safety Pins


Duct Tape

Electrical Tape

Heavy Duty Black Rubber Bands

100 ft Paracord

Lighter w/ electrical tape wrapped around it

Toilet paper

Nutella or Peanut Butter - high calories

Quinoa in a 32oz Nalgene bottle - Unwashed

Mainstays Rations & 3-MayDay 2400 Bars

Chocolate Bars

Multi Vitamins

Intestinal Pills (Diarrhea)

Radiation Pills

Emergency Mylar Blankets

(2) Platypus 1 liter Water Bags

More water filtration + Thick Coffee filters

Weekender Medical Pack

30 (or more) Hour emergency candle

12 ( ) hour glowsticks

16 function knife

20 Hour Body Warmers

100 feet of paracord

Survival Whistle

Wrist Watch w/ StopWatch



New tube of Instant Bond Superglue

Super bright long lasting Keychain lights

New Bottle Of First Aid Ointment, Triple AntiBiotic


Hand Sanitizer

HEAVY DUTY GARBAGE BAGS, fill with leaves for insulation

Folded up sheets of aluminum foil - cooking, wrapping etc

Flash Drive filled with personal information


Portable Pocket Generator

(2) Big shemagagh bandana

Trapping Kit

Eye Glass Repair Kit

Wet Ones

Bungee Cords, to hold Camp Chair to bag

Kaito KA500 radio

Duluth Trading Canvas insulated pants


If you know of any specific brands for the more general items, please let me know

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The list was made to be considerations of things I am lacking in my current bag, not supposed to be a complete, ready kit. Just things to look in to more for myself.

There's no way I could carry all of that + what I already have (yes I have warm layers).

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The Duluth pants are nice but awful heavy. They would last a long time though, just something to consider.


2 full scale rifles is alot for a pack. I'd either get a real light 22 pack rifle or maybe even a single shot set if your starting from scratch. One with a 22 and a centerfire barrel. You would still have the high capacity handgun for more shots quickly.


Otherwise looks pretty good.

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You're right about the bulk weight of the duluth pants. id be able to fit several other items in my BoB if i pulled out the pants. But being that its WInter...


Yeah, cold weather makes for more weight no way around it. I looked them up on-line, they say that they have a good sweat wicking insulation too. Look like pretty darn nice pants that would take a lot of abuse. I may look at an un-lined pair for the "gray" clothing set I'd wear to but out. Might be alot better than the cotton jeans I have now, and I could layer them with my base layers. I figure I should wear some plain colored clothes and put my good hunting clothes in the bag, that way I have both options available.

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22 pistols are a darn nice firearm to have, but when it comes to putting food in my belly I'd take the rifle any day. I'm pretty decent with a pistol, I used to use my allowance to buy a brick of 22LR each week as a kid and put alot of it through my old Ruger single six. My range instantly doubles at least though with the stability and sight radius of a rifle. They make 22 rifles light enough anymore that not many pistols with a long enough barrel for hunting small game save any weight. Just my opinion, I don't think I'd go hungry feeding myself with a good 22 pistol but I'd probably spend alot more of my time hunting to try to get a high percentage shot within my effective range.

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I hate not having edit, just saw that I wrote but out instead of bug out earlier. Anyway, I ordered myself a un-lined pair of the Duluth firehose pants in the lightweight version that's supposed to be as durable but 1/3 lighter. Added a new pair of wool back leather palm gloves too, they have 20% off plus free shipping for an order of $75 or more.

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Bag or Backpack

Maxpedition Malaga Gearslinger Backpack (For clothing, tools, and hygiene.)

5.11 Tactical Range Qualifier Bag (For first aid, food and water, and shelter.)


S.T.R.I.K.E. Ωmega vest

S.T.R.I.K.E. double pistol mag pouch

BlackHawk Side Hydration Pouch

Thermal and sleeveless shirts

Thermal, Jean, and waterproof pants


Waterproof Jacket

Bush hat

Combat boots

Forsheda A4 Gas Mask

40mm NATO Filters

Polarized goggles


Food and Water

10 days of freeze dried food

5 days of water

BlackHawk 1QT Canteen/Strobe Pouch

Medium Bowl

Eating utensils


Kodiak Tarps Camo 8' x 10' (2)

Sleeping Bag

Emergency Blanket (2)

First Aid

Latex Gloves

QuickClot Sport

Sterile gauze pads

Ace™-type roll compression bandage

Adhesive tape

Cotton Swab’s

Bandage Sheers

Tongue depressors


Oral thermometer

Instant cold pack

Instant hot pack

Bio bags

Burn gel

Burn pads

Mole Skin

Ibuprofen 200mg

Antibacterial soap

170 mg Potassium Iodate

Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit

Asthma inhalers



Sugar pills

Salt pills



Epi Pen

Eye drops

Surgical masks

Sewing kit

Triangle bandage


Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete

Multi - Purpose 5-in-One Survival Shovel

Buck Knife

Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool

Zippo Lighter/Lighter Fluid

Waterproof Matches

Mag-Lite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight

D-Cell Alkaline Batteries (6 extra)

Assorted Fishhooks

Fishing Line (50lbs test)

Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio

Gun Cleaning Kit

Rothco 550lb. Type III Nylon Paracord (100’)

Sharpening stone


SOG Tigershark 2.0

Taurus 66 (.357 Mag)

Beretta 92FS (9mm)

FN AR Semi-Automatic (.308 Winchester)

BlackHawk Universal Fit Holster (For both handguns)

.357 Mag Ammo (28 rounds)

9mm Ammo (4 clips)

.308 Ammo (4 clips)


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Shaving Razor (5 spare razor blades)

Shaving Cream


Wet Wipes

Insect Repellent

Sun Block

Shampoo and Body Wash



I know there is a lot but its cause it is meant for long term.comments and fixes are welcome.

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Let me know how those pants turn out, if durable enough, I'd rather have the lighter version.


Haven't abused them yet but they seem well made. They are pretty light at 1lb 10oz for what they are in my size. I like that they have a stretch factor with the 3% spandex for freedom of movement, not huge on the other 97% being cotton. I still think they are good for a "grey" layer though, light but tough. The tan looking color is pretty much like khaki dress slacks, but will darken up and splotch nicely with some use and abuse I think.

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