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post your bob & contents. (:

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Consider this my rough draft, as I just barely opened my eyes to this world.

The backpack, Coleman MAX, contents are as follows.

Feel free to rate me, open for discussion, tips, and criticism.


-C.E.R.T Helmet w/ Headlamp equipped

-C.E.R.T labeled Yellow Vest (I am dedicated to helping others in my community in times of disaster)

-Coleman Hydration pack


-A few dust masks

-Pack of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

-C.E.R.T Field Operating Guide

-Small notebook

-Pens + Pencils


-Thermal Face & Neck mask

-Small 5' x 5' mirror (signaling, etc)

-2 extra pairs prescription glasses

-Cotton bandanna

-Nice work gloves

-Cold Steel - Secure-Ex survival knife

-100$ in small bills, + loose change

-Lighters + matches stashed in Ziploc's through out the bag

-One long bees wax candle

-Compact, high pixel digital camera w/ charger

-Two, 6 oz. flasks, filled with rum

-Tooth brush - Toothpaste, Floss


-Pack of Marlboros

-Two beanies

-Two thermal long sleeved shirts

-Two pairs of heavy cotton socks

-A change of underwear

-A handful of zipties

-Extra Ziploc's

-Extra headlamp




Open to suggestions.

I know I'm lacking any sort of shelter or sleep accommodation. Ideas?

Obviously looking for a bigger & better bag (water proof/repellent) and also trying to find information about some good food to carry.


Rate, then show us yours.

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Afew things missing. A hat, sunglasses, sun screen loation, small radio, fishing line with hocks, snaire wire for making traps, multi-tool, scope/binoculars & maps of your area that you live & BOL. Firearms & ammo. That's all i can think of for the time being.

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Bigger bag, either a Gregory or similar backpacking pack or an Eberlestock or similar hunting pack depending on your needs.


Good lightweight synthetic fill sleeping bag, check REI or Campmor and find a good one that matches your areas conditions. At minimum a GI poncho liner.


Good lightweight tarp, a nylon or sil/ny will be light and compact.


As a budget emergency sleep/shelter set-up a GI poncho liner plus a couple GI ponchos will work, at least until you can upgrade to something better. Then they can go in a vehicle or second kit.


Mountain House meals and an Esbit stove, plus at least a canteen and canteen cup. Better a small pot and stainless water bottle. Again see REI or Campmor for ideas.


As mentioned, water filtration. At least with a steel water bottle you can boil it.


I would not go without firearms, but that's a personal choice. Definitely a snare and fishing kit would be included.


Smaller knife like a Rapala 4" fillet knife for processing game and other small chores. They sharpen easily and weigh 2.3oz with sheath. Also maybe a multi-tool, I like the Leatherman Wave.


First aid kit (minimum vet wrap, duck tape, and neosporin) plus, multivitamins, any antibiotics you have or prescription drugs you need.

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When you bug out do you plan to head for the woods indefinitely? I know BOBs are cool and contents are fun to shop for, but I've given up on the idea.


My BOB, which is a solid black, very comfortable NorthFace backpack, evolved into an EDC/GHB bag that rides in the rear floorboard of my pickup with a 590A1. As an aside, I chose not to procure a tactical bag because (A) they're mostly inferior with load distribution and (B) they're grossly conspicuous. I have survival-oriented items as well as EDC items tucked away in all of the compartments and hiding spots so I could survive a couple of nights in the wilderness although I have no intention of doing so. If I have to bug out I'm bugging out to civilization somewhere. If there is no more civilization then I'll have to make due in chaos, because although I'm an outdoor hobbyist, I'm not living in it.


My bag thus has some overnight man hygiene items, socks, undershirts, shorts, etc. with several replacement batteries, coins, cash, medicinals, and some of the other typicals. Most importantly, I have an encrypted flash drive with scans of important documents and nearly 250 pictures of possessions with a corresponding document describing the items with serial numbers. I went out of town recently and added only an extra pair of jeans and a shirt on hangars in my truck and saw a Razorback game (waste of time!) with only the contents of my EDC bag. Obviously, we stayed at a hotel.


Aside from a cook pot and a water filtration pump I've got the usual items somewhere in my vehicle and find other uses for them because they've been incorporated into my "handy to have" stuff. If you'd like to know what I have I'd be happy to detail in a PM rather than hog a page with an itemized listing. I even have a stapler and spare staples in the truck, lol. I'm incredibly anal about neatness and can't/won't have stuff floating around openly or unsecured in the cab of my vehicle.

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I live high in the mountains, and I don't plan on bugging out, but if something happens to my house I want to be prepared. Mainly worried about earthquakes, we are due for one. And the fault line is a few miles from my house, down the mountain. Winters are bad here. Be prepared not scared is the motto

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I plan to bug in if necessary and am in a good situation to do so. I live on a decent size ranch, and even without the grid could maintain a large enough cowherd year round near home to provide food and trading stock. I have enough food for a year, and much longer if I'm left alone. My biggest concern is the two sizable cities within a 2hr drive. I wouldn't bug-out indefinitely, but could see a worst case scenario of being driven out by superior numbers for a while. I think in a true SHTF scenario there will be a lot less people to contend with after the first 6 months, and the majority of the ones left will be pretty good people. I want my BOB to be able to give me a good chance of being able to survive holed up somewhere for the worst of the desperation, and then come back out to rebuild. I started a list one night about my worst case scenarios and how to prepare for them. Then I built my bag around that. It would have to be really bad before I'd leave, and then I want the ability to be gone awhile.

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I typed out a nice reply, and it disappeared, lol.


Here are some links to save my fingers.


Basically stock things you'll eat that have a long shelf life cans, jars, boxes, dried, etc. Maybe even branch out into small gardening then grow from there if that's for you and maybe even dehydrate food or use vacuum sealing later. Water takes up space. One liter (volume) of distilled water is one kilogram (mass) so it weighs 2.2 lbs. Google. Research is your friend. It's a good hobby really.


With regard to your firearms question I recommend a semi-auto handgun for self defense. Equip it with night sights and stick to 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP calibers because they're easy to find. There's nothing wrong with revolvers, but that would necessitate a lesson in itself. Whatever you get learn it inside and out - every conceivable firing position, reload, holster, retention, stop action, etc. Buy a quality holster or two. Get a .22LR rifle with a scope and sling. The ammo is cheap, and you could spend less than $250 and have a rifle, scope, sling, and at least 1,000 rounds of ammo. Buy a good 12 gauge shotgun. It doesn't have to be tactical, and the options are infinite. Put a sling on it. Get a hunting rifle with a quality scope and sling. Choose a common caliber such as the .308, .270, .30-06, .300, 7mm, etc. Past that there's a weapons application for everything, but with those four you're alright. Some here will suggest you need an assault rifle, but your mileage may vary. And DON'T get caught up on guns. So many people want to prep and focus on guns and ammo.


Maslow's pyramid: physiological needs, safety, love & belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Start your preps from the bottom, i.e. get what you must have to live then build from there.

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Additionally, when you delve off into the medical and health area of prepping don't get focused on violent trauma and mass infection. Lots of preppers focus on sutures (without knowing how to suture), clotting agents and antibiotics, yet although all three are nice to have they're not the end all be all to this area. Upper respiratory problems (snot based - nose, throat, ears) and gastrointestinal problems (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) are the most common health problems.


By the way, if you're not in shape then start getting that way. Lose weight, walk, jog, stretch, life some weights, quit the tobacco, and cut back or eliminate alcohol. YMMV.

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Thanks for all of that! Am getting started with the family on all of that right away. We already have a head start on a lot of that so this is good. Still looking for a bigger BoB (just in case) w/ bladder. and good high calorie foods to store. Thanks for your help!

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well here's my GHB , since i live at my BOL (subject to change of course,:eek:!)

booney hat x1,watch cap x1, columbia water proof jacket, socks, heavy wool 1pr, dark color BDU pant x1, T-shirts; x2-one red, one black-, 1pr 'modern' roman-style sandals, (rubber checkered soles and the sides kinda wrap up around the foot-all held up with laces),1pr wild-land firefighting boots,(work great in rubble),pretty heavy wool(?) sweater w hood- kinda like cody lundeen wears but not as 'loud'=subdued colors :) Austrian (?) military mess kit(kidney shape all aluminum, bic lighter, camp matches ,mag shavings, partial starter log,,cocoa mix, peanut butter, crackers, airforce survival knife i bought when i was like 8 at a surplus store:cool:, road flares,x2, lensatic compass, magnifying glass, MSR water filter, Nalgene water bottle x1, collapsable water bottles x2, 1L camelback ,,12 inch prybar ,some sort of personal defense device ;) coming soon: mayday ? bar, space blanket some sort of tarp thingy, My firstaid kit is on its on fanny pack but is geared for light to medium trauma,and basic airway management, once home if i need to bug out i have a 6800 cubic inch internal frame pack that can be loaded up with more- +tent and 1man backpacking tent depending on circumstances

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Food....instant oatmeal is lite to carry easy to cook in a Sierra cup, cheap too, jerky, there are many choices like 3000 calorie bars, supplements are another way to go think lite, dense, high calorie, snacks,BUT food requires more water so filtration or chemical for safe water very important additions. But the most important thing is you have started. Seriously if you are not of the firearm persuasion than at least a large strong fixed blade knife, especially if you intend to help others, you cant help others if you can't help yourself, you can't defend others if you cant defend yourself!

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What's the best dense high calorie snacks? And 3000 calorie bars?
3000 calorie bars are the most dense high calorie food there are a lot of energy/meal bars on the market, some like the high calorie bar are made to be just what we are talking about, something small that will keep you moving and alive in an emergency others are made around meal replacement for diets or boosts for working outs, they are expensive, many don't keep all that well and most are nasty tasting, but in the situation between eating a truly nasty peanut butter chocolate bar with half the vitamins and mineral you need for the day and a few thousand calories or spending a few hours digging up grubs to eat raw......those bars are delicious! There are many cheaper but not lighter/smaller options, peanut butter, peanut brittle, instant oatmeal and honey or molasses are great, there are a number of high calorie dense powders that you can get........but remember the denser the food, the more water it will require to digest, so any of these require that you secure a good source of safe drinkable water before you eat them, it's better to starve your self than dehydrate your self!

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Quinoa (pronounced keenwa) is probably one of the best high nutritional value to low weight ratio foods out there. In 100 grams you get 64g carbs, 52g starch, 7g fiber, 6g fat, and 14g protein. Its also a Complete Protein. Basically its a super food. I carry a 32oz Nalgene bottle filled with it in my BOB. I prefer the pre washed kind as the unwashed variety tastes bitter to me, but thats a personal preference.

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