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teen needs some help.

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Always remember when all else fails your knowledge wont I could be stripped naked in the woods and I would still be able to survive just from the knowledge in my head which I got for free both from expeirience and this website both of which are free.

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everyone here has given you great advise! i agree with the learning advise, but just remember you must also practice what your learning! practice, practice, and then practice some more!! the more you learn, the better off you will be. anything i can help with just give me a shout.

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do not do anything against your parents wishes that can have unknown effects parents are that is the way it is.


as far a camping gear now we can talk and cut your run a bit and run / carry a pack of about 40 pounds


not knowing your general area I don't evn know if a camping veil would do you much good.


I have seen parents do things like cut people out of their will for the oddest infraction.


A barrier to help in the future.


My best advice is save your money work hard learn all you can and do well in school to make it in the world at a good paying job


respect your elders that my friend is a hard one but when it comes to your mother and father not any wiggle room IMO.


I am a Christian maybe not the best one on the planet but yet here I am no matter how much you prep or what you learn


if if God ain't your co pilot your not even going to get off the ground that is one thing people fail to plan for or to see


May I give a few normal examples you got 10 years of food at home and it burns to the ground hell half of California.


a flood carries it away {Katrina, Rita, and sandy} the mid west when the Mississippi over flowed some years back.


hurricanes Florida got hit so many times for a while I wondered if people would stay


recently Alaska was hit with a earthquake


tornadoes, sink holes thieves, rats and mice can eat through a plastic bucket in a hour.


No matter where you live or what you do your at the will of God do not put your faith in man or preps places or things.


Knowledge is a key but your key must fit the door my understanding is no one knows the future do not quit normal day


to day work and study or being a full formed person not a one sided coin as in prepper even if the world goes upside down


people will still laugh and love and work play somewhere somehow do not get so caught up that your consumed by


the lifestyle but do not ignore it.


anything can be like a cult religion sucking you in and eating up all your time energy and emotion and when the end fails to


materialize some will be broken and bitter or lost for me God is MY answer I do not think it is far off but things can change


for a while but I know it will happen everything in my Bible lines up with current events where we are I would not venture


to guess but no one is guaranteed their next breath people die at all ages and some live past 100 if it is good what does it




having a few items we discuss and acquiring the knowledge and skill through practice If you have a yard you need a machete

and a hatchet or an axe if you have a bike you need tools.

a decent wrist compass and watch a good 9 volt LED light a solar recharger rechargeable batteries


my reasoning is all smoke detectors use a 9 volt battery this light gives 80 hours of bright light and 1,200 hours of soft light.


a hand crank emergency radio with multiple bands like the Kaito model 650 or 600


these are things you can use now and all the time


everyone needs a ammo can to keep stuff in dry and no emp can get in as long as nothing touches the inside so line it with


paper or keep the electronics in their original boxes.


A good shake light nightstar is one of the best.


a decent solar battery charger


a back pack you can find used from resale and goodwill and salvation army stores for a fraction of their original price.


stainless water bottles and pots with lids and the above and at independent dollar stores


Everyone I know has had a Swiss army knife my choice is the champion plus


I think you get the idea slow but sure you will get there all of these will last a long time and a car kit needs most of them.


a handful of BIC lighters stashed somewhere would not be out of order.

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I guess my one big wish would have been to study something in advanced education that had a practical medicine, or joining the armed forces, or flying an airplane, etc. I majored in business and that's where my jobs were.


Consider building your resume now and your expereince now, getting good grades to put you into a spot to get into a good future education either at a vocational or technical school, military, or a bachelors degree or more that will put you in spot to use what you learn in "real life" toward your prepping lifestyle.

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Gunna, for your birthday or other occassions, ask for money or gift cards to stores that interest you. This is week 1 grocery prep list. I always buy 5$out of my regular grocery budget for prepping.1)1 gallon water.....1.00

2) 1lb all purpose flour....1.40cents

3)1lb rice..........1.00

4)..2 cans tomatoes 2.25 for both

That would be a great start with what you have already. I can help you get together some info and PM it to you. Keep on Keeping on.





































































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g man... find a 1970s boyscout handbook,, it is full of practical knowledge, from packing to snares, swimming, plants trees, the whole preppers first guide to all that is well and good. i found one at a yard sale for a quarter.. the later editions get kind of ringy dingy touchy feely, so the early editions of the book are far better, in my humble opinion... after you have the book. start on the knots.. learn to tie them all... then move to ice awls, and punched, snares, pack making, trip planning and work your way through it, step by step... thats the easiest way to learn and put it into action... although boy scouts has had issues lately, they are still a good group to join, and learn and make new friends.. good luck to you...

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