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Von, do you think I don’t know? Of course I know! We are all over six feet tall in case the boat sinks, we can walk ashore. BTW, unsurprisingly, I am 6’ 2” so I could go out a little further from shore. Heck, I think I have said all the jokes about the Coast Guard. Trivia - Popeye was a Coastie and NOT a Navy sailor. We only accuse him of being in the Navy because no Coastie worth his salt would chase Olive Oil anywhere! (Sorry Navy)


Malcolm, we had shorter guys in the Coast Guard but that was so we had something with which we could close holes in the hull.



ROFL...Just checking. I always knew the little guys were good for something just never could figure out what.


Not to argue to much, but I think Popeye was actually in the merchant least in the early cartoons. Later ones showed him in his cracker jacks and a few showed him on warships.


As far as Olive Oil went, the best take I ever saw on that was a recruiting poster/cartoon in Rolling Stone back in the 70s where the army used Popeye as a reason to join the army instead of the navy. If I can find it I'll post the link...think you'd enjoy it.

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When I first graduated from the police academy in 1976, we still called burglars who entered an OCCUPIED structure, a cat burglar, hot prowl, because those suspects, got off on the thrill of hitting the place with people present.

I only made it to one burglary-in-progress with the suspects still on scene, it was rough, for both the victims and the suspects. I personally do not adhere to warning shots of any kind, nor will I EVER go "searching" my home looking for suspects, that is precisely what the family canine patrol is for.(GSDs)

We have pretty decent insurance, and should they get past the alarm system and the multiple roving patrols, they still will not find the Safe. If they set foot on the stairs to try and come up to engage the family members, then they have willingly chosen to have happen to them,what will happen to them. I sleep well at night as well.

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Do everything you can to avoid violence, including running away or fast talking if practical.


If you have to defend yourself, go for the jugular, attack with your most lethal option and don't stop until they can not attack you again. Paintball will just piss them off and throws away surprise. If you drive them off with a paintball they will come back at night and light your house on fire, then shoot you as you come out.



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