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Are We Still Human Beings or Data Beings?

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Feedback from trusted sources, personal preference and experience will mean little if Big Data has its way. Check out this Forbes magazine article (link below). Barry Eggers is all for Big Data control. (Which doesn’t surprise me since Forbes is run by the “elite”). He writes that Big Data is the answer to our problems because it would replace all subjectivity (aka votes, opinion polls, sample surveys, top 10 lists, etc.). Eggers’ solution for a healthcare plan would be to use a computer rating system for doctors. Any doctor for whatever reason that ranks low on a list would be forced to stop practicing medicine. The key words here are “for whatever reason.” In other words, a good doctor would be in trouble for not reaching a patient quota because he/she is spending “too much” time administering quality care. Even your old car can end up last on some data list. I guess by then no one will remember the old saying that “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?


So, what would happen if our society were to replace opinions, votes, and personal preference with data-generated lists? One thing’s for sure, we wouldn’t see much love, forgiveness, or creativity in the world.


Discerning One


Article: Eggers, B. (2012, Sept). The Problem With Lists - And The Fix From Big Data. Forbes

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