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BIG DATA Technology is moving fast -- Should we be concerned?

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I'm sure you've heard the saying "Information is Power." So what? Why should we care?

Well, lately I've been seeing a lot more information about Big Data and the latest technological trends in business intelligence (e.g., data collection, analysis & decision-making).


Every aspect of our lives can, and is, being collected as some form of data by some organization. Most everyone knows that businesses have always collected information about their buying preferences and shopping habits. This type of behavioral and relational information is a goldmine to marketers and product developers -- hence the term "data mining." Today, everything we do, including what we do in the privacy of our own home, and even within our own body, can be collected and analyzed without us being aware. So, how is this personal data being collected? The easiest form of collection is through devices and applications most of us use or are surrounded by all day and everyday. Devices such as smart meters, smart phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS; TV/DVR boxes, Internet browsers, social media sites, indoor / outdoor surveillance & security cameras, employee access cards, product scanners, reward cards, and toll tags, etc. Not to mention the seemingly endless documentation (e.g., registrations, applications, and government forms) we submit throughout our lives, voluntarily or otherwise, starting from birth and continuing until even after our death.


Everything about our lives produces a vast amount of interesting, and for research analysts invaluable, data -- "Big Data." If managed effectively, this Big Data can mean big bucks for big business and (dare I say) may ultimately be controlled by Big Bro.


Of course, I'm all for having the best tools & techniques for forecasting and decision-making, but, this trend in big data and advanced analytics is leading us to uncharted territory with many potential pitfalls. This has always been a concern, ever the since the Internet came of age, for many technology legal experts. To this day we still don't have full and adequate protection under the law on how our lives as "data" is being managed and controlled. We certainly don't own whatever about us is out there.


Below is a link to an article (some of you may have already read it) which addresses the latest developments in nanotechnology and the use of RF-ID chips, both wearable and implantable; as well as a "chip pill." All of these devices are designed to measure and track our health and other aspects of our lives.


So what does all this have to do with survival, liberty or freedom? These knew devices contain software. Software that for now is programmed to only collect and "read" data. Keep in mind that this is "programmable" software that at any time can easily be re-programmed to a "read / write" mode and for any purpose (even nefarious). The power of technology is truly a double-edged sword. You'd have to be living under a rock not to be able to recall some historical or recent event where information and technology has been used for evil.


Its important nowadays that people not get too excited about every new technological invention; and to always look at the source as well as the intended purpose.


Is this latest technology...

Exciting?: Yes

Safe?: That depends on your definition of "safe"

Used solely for good?: Only time will tell


If you're a Christian like me, you obviously see all this as a dire warning of things to come (aka the infamous "mark of the beast"). In my mind, the turning point would be after doctors (wittingly or unwittingly) have convinced their patients to wear the patch, or ingest the chip-pill; and the majority of the population is sporting the latest chip-lined fashions.


Irregardless of your religious or non-religious beliefs, the fact remains that Big Data Technology is the new wild west and our liberty and freedoms are at risk of literally being "chipped" away.


Take care and remain vigilant,


Discerning One


Article: "Big Data in Your Blood":

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