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For You Reloaders-Zinc ?

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SO today i was going through my penny jar, sorting out the older Copper from new Zinc.

Started wondering what Zinc could be used for other than crap coins.

CAN ZINC (pennies newer than 1982) be smelted down and used for Shells and bullets ?


Found a discussion on a different forum.

WHat do you guys think ?


If ammo becomes a 'controlled substance' coughNatOcoughcough can newer pennies be used ?

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Navy, I don’t know how good your metal skills are, but casting shells seems way above my head (which isn’t saying much).


Zinc has been used as bullets but it was much more difficult to clean out all the zinc from the barrels and the zinc corroded vary fast. Since lead is some cheap, It’s probably a better idea than using zinc.


I found this for you. Again, it’s way above my paygrade but have fun reading!

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I do reload a bunch. I have purposely stayed away from casting my own lead bullets, because I am chicken to. Might be fun, but I have a neighbor close by that LOVES to cast bullets, so I am "lazy" and let him "share" that hobby with me, we trade hobbies BTW. Melting coins is indeed a federal "offense" although I am not "sure" how one would go about proving that the loaded rounds were once "minted"!

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