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I have seen alot of people lately talking about painting their guns. So many infact, i thought about doing it my self. I started looking on bing to see what I could find out about it. Turns out most of the people on the internet have no idea what their doing.

The reason i say this is because most of them are just using KRYLON spraypaint they get from Wally World. The problem with using cheap spraypaint from walmart is the fact that it will just rub right off with solvent, and anytime you set it down your going to end up with scratches. so I researched it a little more and found this.


For $40 and freight you have a permanent finish on a single color. It just seems silly to me to use something that isn't going to last when there is a product out there like this. These people will supply all the materials you need including degreaser, paint, hardener, and even an aersol sprayer. For $70 and freight you can do a complete camo patern (multiple colors) and the above listed materials.


I just thought I would share this with my friends here in case any one was interested in doing a project like this.


I hope this helps someone.:)

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Save money by useing a common used Paint!

Rust-oleum HIGH Heat ..for grills and wood STOVES..It takes the Heat,up to 1200deg.and its in Flat Black!!


ok so prep your steel,wipe it off with a degreeser.Dawn! wipe it off with rubing alachol and removeALL moisture,sand it off with 600 sand paper,Dont use steel wool!!!steel wool leaves small pieces of steel..Do you realy want them in your loading chamber?


after sanding down....take a blow dryer and heat it a bit and make sure everything is clean.Tape off what you dont want painted..

It should be noted it will take at least a couple of test sprays to learn to properley use a spray can..

DONT FLOOD THE PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


spray a small amount sevel times/layer it...stand back and let each coat dry a bit..this adds layers and avoids drips..

LET IT DRY!!!an hour in a warm place...Oh wait did you hang it up out of the way so the air can get to it i??or are you holding on to it?

Ok so have it hanging so you can see all of it.Hands free.

you can than use a different color of paint to cammo it...I use a flat brown..Quick spurts..leaving dots and breaking up the BLACK LINE!!


Alaways take in consideration of where you will be useing the Weapon!!What colors are NOW seen in the woods..brown green tan???


Ok now go have some fun..


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My main concern is having a lasting finish. Obviousely preping is key.... but whats the point of all the prep work if the paint is going to rub off every time you apply solvent. This is what i'm afraid of with the KRYLON.

My point is why use a product that may or may not work when there is something out there like this.



The folks on the internet may not be doing it incorrectly however their not doing it to my standards. If I was going to do a project like this I would spend the extra few bucks and have a lasting finish that I wouldn't have to touch up or replace.

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methinks if camo is the objective then matt has a good point, your gonna want to update your camo pattern/color to match surroundings-which can change quite rapidly- so while using the 'made for it paint' would be great for long term, you may as well use plain old paint if your gonna go 'all out' serious camo, and don't forget the twigs an leaves:D

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