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Survival Group..?

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Here is another reason why I don't want to be in a group. Just got done watching the news and there was a story of a soldier getting back from the war and at his own welcome home party one of his friends shot him in the back and paralyzed him.

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Here is another reason why I don't want to be in a group. Just got done watching the news and there was a story of a soldier getting back from the war and at his own welcome home party one of his friends shot him in the back and paralyzed him.



there is a special place in hell already built for the shooter if it was done on purpose.

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Rick, i know right. From what I caught and I can't believe this, was that the two of them were arguing about football or some shit and the friend shot him in the back, don't know if it was an accident or what was going on. I just can't believe stories like this were men and women go through hell for years fighting in a war for us and our freedoms only to survive, make it back home to friends and family and some mother f@#$%^ shoots that person in the back. There really is noone lower than that.

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First I want to say it is a noble thing to be involved and I use to but here are my reasons for NOT!


now I have considered this and decided against it, first I do not like my neighbors {not kidding}.


I did like that it was also in Spanish muy Bueno me amigo como esta usted and all that jazz.

that way I can help people who do not belong here that's great did you know

that helping a criminal constitutes a crime in itself and they are technically felons.


And I really like you have to register well that ain't gonna' happen


and it only takes 6 to 8 hours to complete WOW I will learn so much and people will look up to me

well, that's not quite right they will be able to look me up in the register NOT...


And they will look up to me during a disaster and follow my lead NOT cause I'am a long gone MF'er

that's why.

I have already saved and "not saved" my quota time for as the chillin' say others to

"step up"


The list from the web site was extensive and there are the events I want to avoid been through

them and not interested because some BIG HONCHO well come try to boss me around and I have real world experience so all they really

want is worker bees well not interested.

I have worked for free enough, while the honchos got a salary

appreciation dinners and honorary awards and what did I get not sh*t!


yea I was once young and full of fire now I am old and don't give a sh*t If you find me in a

pile of rubble throw me a ampule of morphine and a syringe and go the f@ck away


have you ever noticed that the people who want us to volunteer do not do anything but talk and fly \

over head in the chopper and sit down for a photo op and are wealthy and hang with the beautiful

people and take all the credit.


not interested do not care they have not done anything about the evacuation problem so guess what

it still there.

the last big blow out the cops took over the truck stop to have gas to patrol witch they

did not do and the town my address turned friends of mine away and told us to go to the county

to get MRE'S and water and a bag of ice {I told the yahoo's I was with and it too 3 hours LMAO}

so guess what I do not give a crap if this whole place gets flattened I got insurance which the

government let the insurance companies a pass because they said it would bankrupt the insurance

companies so f@ck them and the insurance companies


With the unemployment situation you would think that the government would want to help us poor

little unwashed PO folk, but no they want you to volunteer if you folks quit enabling these b@stards

maybe we could make a living but these are the same folks that are shipping your jobs overseas and

telling you social security is broke none out of 20 + members of my family lived to see

any so where did my families share go and damn right a I am entitled I paid for it and they upped

the age for full payment on my friend and she is 63 now they say she wont get it till 66 and 8 months

So if everyone is dumb enough to work for free like the head of the red cross $600,000 a year LMAO

and when all that money came in from Rita they said we need to hold it for other disasters LMAO

how many time have you people got to be F@uked to get it through your head

in Haiti there still there and the locals are just laying there waiting on a hand out and your red cross

is giving them more than we get and we pay for it and UNICEF LMAO OK my spell checker cannot find

common words but it knew UNICEF funny as sh*t

unless its local I ain't giving shit, cause "THEY" will give it to foreigners who did not pay sh*t your a

bunch of suckers and until you wise up they are going to take you like a punk!


I bet "THEY" get inoculations but as first responders.

will you how about those New York first responders they worked like dogs for months their friends

died and now they are sick and the government is dragging their feet to help them

go ahead work for free I ain't



Fires and Wildfires


Excessive Heat

Hurricanes and Coastal Storms

Landslides and Mudflows

Severe Thunderstorms


Tsunamis ------------------------this is the only one I missed


Winter Storms

Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies

Pandemic Influenza


It's time the inmates to take over the sanitarium

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I only do local CERT items, town and county level. It more about helping neighbors to me, but I like most of my neighbors (related to a vast majority of them). I understand and I do not support anything to do with the un. If a couple team from each location gets trained, they can train others and the registry doesn't have to be done.

I understand your views and your point. As for me, I will serve my nation, no longer will I serve the government (personal issues).

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Snake, I've had the training also and alot of experience in different areas. I understand solo activity but I am lucky that the local community (about 4 counties worth) are mostly of like mind and of course my extended family is VERY large. I like to tell everyone I had to leave state to marry to avoid my Self reliance is a noble feat and I too prefer solitude, but my decision is based on the family unit (I explain some of this in a future article) and the rebuild after the fact if a major event takes place.

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I can appreciate you not marrying a cousin.

I have dated enough psycho's I always thought it was because the gene pool was more like a wading pool.

and you do have to try to take care of family BUT I DON'T they are dead and my neighbors well they

are on there own I warned them MF'S 911 if their memory is so short F___k em'


I know that I do not have Alzheimer's I still can't stand jane fonda, joan baez, and many many more

i figure that we can normalize relations with any country we have fought against after the last

vet from that era is dead and this includes air flights to or from or immigration or business.

do not get me started anyways.................


I do not watch much TV because of all the socialist and stupidity {one is much like the other}

to me.


I do agree that you young ones should get all the training you can you may need it and for your own

family members you can use breath ventilation unless they are Ill of a dreaded affliction, so hands only CPR

is politically correct but they won't tell you this so for everyone they teach hands only CPR, learn the old way also.


Sometime I wonder if we are fit to survive as a species sometimes.

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