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Thirsty? How 'bout a cool, refreshing cup of seawater?

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If we were smart we would combine a desalination plant with a power power plant and get a twofer. Sadly we are still generating most of our power with steam engines! If we are going to boil water we might as well use it to distill water at the same time and sell the salt residue as sea salt too. That would make it a threefer!


The fact is we are NOT running out of water. If we ever want to we can dam the Mississippi River totally and pump its waters all over the country until the entire nation is one big mud hole. Check out the average hourly flow of any of the big rivers and think if we used it at a one hundred percent level via diversion dams and only allowed what would go through locks to escape into the ocean. We generally only use about 2% of what falls on us as rain. The rest runs off and eventually into the seas or evaporates without us touching it.


What those idiots like Al Gore mean is that we are running out of water that THEY will let us use. It is like the oil, there is still more of it under than we have yet pulled out. It is just a little deeper and harder to get to.

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