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Affordable Calibers & Reloading

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I've had several Ruger P95's and a P93 over the years, all good solid guns. Not the greatest feeling as some have mentioned, but plenty accurate, reliable, and durable.


Something you might consider for cheap shooting practice is getting a centerfire auto pistol that also takes a 22LR conversion. I burned 4 clips through the 22 conversion on my Sig 226 this afternoon practicing. I can swap back to 9mm any time I want easily. The initial cost of the gun and kit might be more but it will pay for itself quickly at least assuming 22LR ammo becomes available and affordable again at some point.


I've shot the P95 and liked it; as you said accurate, reliable and durable. My ONLY complaint against the Ruger "P" series is that the safety works exactly opposite of every other '1911' type pistol I've shot. It flips up to fire while the Colt, Kimber, etc. flips down to fire. In an immediate weapon I insist that all of mine work the same way. Tom Horn was caught and hung because he didn't know about the safety on the semi-auto he picked up. At oh-dark-thirty at the start of a VERY long day I do NOT want to be trying to remember which way to move a safety on my defense handgun as a MZB kicks in the front door. I'm a fan of Ruger but if I buy a defense handgun, it WILL function like a 1911 or I will get rid of everything except those like the defense hand I just purchased.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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