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desert rat

Terribly scary video, preppers will die unless,

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The thing is, I can relate to what the gentleman is saying, I've been there also.

I stumbled on this video and it hit home. After I had a good cry, chills, and getting sick to my stomach with my heart racing, I thought this video might just give some an idea of what to expect if something totally out of left field happens.



Take heed.



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It kinda brought back some memories Matt. Don't guess I needed all the drama about it making me sick.

That wasn't it. It was at an FOB, I was going to clean the swampa$$ off and Zzzipp, crack. It hit a wall. Don't know how close the small arms fire was but it wasn't my time. Needless to say, an ambush patrol was sent out.

We had to clear the buildings adjacent. It's hell being shot at and you don't even know where it came from. It takes a minute to gain your senses after the rush.

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Thanks for sharing the video DR. The guy did a real credible job of making his points. It certainly reinforced what I think I know. Looks like he has some other videos to go along with this one. I will be watching them.


Thanks again.

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Chilling, and important to listen to.


"Even if only 1% of the masses of unprepared people survive the initial bloodletting, the riots and the fighting, that 1% that would come out of it would be nearly THREE MILLION people. They will be battle-hardened. They will be the ones who learned quick, adapted, improvised, and overcame. They will be the cream of the crop of the unprepared. They will be mean, they will be nasty, they will be capable, they will be well-armed, and they will be ruthless. Therefore, I suggest you start taking this seriously."


And he makes such a clear case for keeping it simple. Buy adequate weaponry and invest the rest in ammo vs. buying fancy gizmos. Practice, practice, practice (he repeats the need to do something at least 1,000 times for it to become muscle memory and something you can do under stress). Very solid, practical advice from someone who clearly knows what he's talking about.

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Okay, I don't have a weapon. I will soon be on my own and pretty close to broke. Seriously, what would be the single best thing to buy without breaking the bank. No bells, whistles, or grenade launchers.


And thank you for scaring the puddin' outta me!

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Okay, I don't have a weapon. I will soon be on my own and pretty close to broke. Seriously, what would be the single best thing to buy without breaking the bank. No bells, whistles, or grenade launchers.


And thank you for scaring the puddin' outta me!

a 12 gauge or a 22 rifle would be best...they can be had for 100-200$....

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I guess I need to start looking, don't I. No question mark, as it isn't really a question. It is, however, a bit overwhelming.

I know it can be at first but any questions or concerns you have about the topic please ask us and we will help you the best we can. .22 caliber is very quite and has zero kick when you fire it.

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Nana, not knowing your tall, how much you weigh...that kinda stuff. You may be happier with a 20 gauge instead of a 12 gauge if you choose to go the shotgun route.


If your on the smurffete side you may want to look at a 'youth' model. They tend to be a little more compact for younger shooters. My daughter-in-law is like 5' nothing if she lies and wears heels. I got her a 20 gauge youth model pump, it fits her better than the 12 gauge did.

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Nana, A Ruger 10-22 or a Mossgerg 500 12ga... The 10-22 would probably be the best for first because ammo in 22lr is cheap.


I listened to this and he had a lot of good points but there is also a lot that I don't see as being true... or not in the way he means it. Ok, go get your gun and practice practice practice then starve to death because you were so focused on being GI Joe that you forgot that GI Joe had a hoard of people handling logistics and supplying him.


Over and over in history the better Army has been driven from the field of battle in defeat by lesser forces because they had over extended their supply lines.


First you need to make sure that you have adequate water supplies. Then you need to think about providing for yourself long term as far as food and shelter. You can have the best weapons and best trained team in the world and still die of thirst, hunger and exposure.


If we go the way he is talking NO amount of preparation is going to make you safe! He is seeing it through the eyes of a warrior and to tell you the truth we are going to need more than warriors or even the 1% are going to die. Even in Nam and the Middle East most of the people are NOT actively involved in the shooting and killing. Someone has to do something else or they would all starve to death. This HAS happened in the past when armies went through killing everyone and burning the fields. When they tried to come back through they found no provisions and the Army dies.


Without our organized infrastructure there is not going to be convoys of food rolling along behind these armies of mean rampaging monsters. Real quick they are going to get hungry and it won’t take long to use an area UP! Moving around is going to be on foot because the gas supplies will vanish in a FLASH!. I saw that happen in one day when that last big hurricane rolled through Texas.


The mean gang type people that he expects generally lack the discipline to work together without killing each other when things get stressful. They are also too self-centered to ever make a cohesive unit like the people he is fighting.


He said over and over that MOST of the time it is just sitting around and boring. My brothers and sisters, if you sit around when you aren’t repelling an attack you are most likely going to get awful hungry. The people that are going to make it out the other side are going to be the same people that have always made it…THE LITTLE PEOPLE that kept their heads down their supplies well hidden and were mostly MEEK! If you are snuck up on and hit by a small army of well trained soldiers you had better surrender in a freaking HURRY! Feed them give them what they want and they will probably move on leaving you alive.


It isn’t like on TV but it also isn’t like being in the Army either. Unless you are a part of a really BIG group you will NOT be able to farm, fish, hunt, cook, preserve and build the things you need AND keep a perimeter guard going around the clock. Prepare and then keep a low profile!


As far as the big loads of ammo and big fancy battle rifles go, if I decide that I need one for my family to survive I’ll go hunting a bring one home. It is just SO easy to take down a couple or three well armed bad guys if you pick your killing field and weapon correctly. I bet I can pop two out of three before the sound of the first round gets to them with a good deer rifle. The third will be in a fairly open area, I planned it that way and I will pick him off as I did the first two from 200 to 400 yards off.


Do NOT fight battles! If you do it very often you are going to end up with a hole in your ass and without a hospital you will die of relatively minor wounds. I’m not ex-military but I was thinking survival and survival weapons before a lot of you were born. At one point I was shooting over a thousand rounds a month. I can and have hit man sized targets at 300yards with a Blackhawk single action revolver. He’s right you need to shoot until you don’t see your weapon. You look at your target and your body does the rest automatically.


Let me help you understand this sort of shooting. When you ride a bicycle do you THINK, “I’m leaning to the left I better lean the other way so I don’t fall over.”??? If you try to do that you are on the ground. If you shoot enough you learn to do the aiming and shooting in the same mind set you have when riding a bicycle. All your mind has to do is decide where you want to go and it just happens.


Now I’ll make it cheap and easy for you. Buy a Red Rider BB gun and a carton with 5000 BBs in it. When you can snap shot it and knock cans over almost without thought you move to a bigger gun. Once you have established the “program” in your brain it doesn’t take as much to add another weapon to the program. You learn how to ride YOUR bike and with just a little adjustment you can ride anyone’s bike!


This guy has seen war. His view is tainted by this and God love him. I know where he is coming from but unless we are invaded the situation we are facing is not going to be what he is envisioning just as most of the people in Iraq did NOT get shot, most here will avoid it as well.


Unfortunately the mindset he has and is talking about leads to battle fatigue and sadly eating the barrel of your own gun in depression. If it is going to be ENDLESS war very few will make it and in the end fatigue and depression will kill you as dead as a bullet from enemy fire. After a while men who have been in battle for too long just stop caring and will go berserker. I’ve had a couple of friends and a cousin that went there. All three were highly decorated warriors and all three never fully came home. They left some part of their soul on the battle field.


Survival needs to mean more than just breathing for another day or it ISN’T survival.

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Danm is correct ..

A moving Army needs food /so do civies...............


Least we forget France in Russia,WINTER.! 1 million horses were lost...guess what they ate?


So lets put up some food today and get our seeds ready for spring!!oh wait we still have time for a winter garden...But No dont do it,your better off purchasing a weapon thats tricked out ..


Nana please stay with a 22lr rifle..the ruger 10/22 is your best bet..a 22lr hand held to carry is next/one ammo both weapons..........5 quick 22lr rounds fired at 20 ft will kill you just as dead as 3 of my .45 220gran hollow points at 20 ft..Im 6 ft 4 and 220lbs...your not dear!

I shoot different than others the barrel moves up I dont fight it for control..I shoot.My 22Mag is VERY effective at 100 yards and I have owned it for 40 years..Im working on the .308 pump for Deer hunting ...realy!!!


sorry too much coffee..........

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Great Vid Desert Rat! Thanks for posting :D


Learned a lot, looking to pick up a 308 or 7.62 bolt action here in France, several if I can find them cheap. Practice will be tough as you have to belong to a gun club.....but better than nothing.


I do agree that in a major SHTF grid-down situ there will be a huge die-off in the neighborhood of 90%+ and Preppers who survive will indeed eventually face the A-list players from the surviving non-prepared....sooner rather than later.


But Danm is also correct in many of his thoughts and assessments; armies need resources. Having to kill and steal for resources is a VERY VERY dangerous way to survive and an extremely poor long-term survival strategy. Knowing how to survive without killing or stealing is a far better skill-set to invest the most energy into. Knowing how to resupply....


Personally, I think it's prudent to plan on getting cleaned out more than once by ravagers than putting all your eggs in one basket. Eventually, It would be nice have 90% of my stocks stored off-site and also learn how to eat what locally available. Just takes time....also to develop skills that are highly tradable for food. I'm working on my medical skill set for example.


Yes, it's going to get really nuts in a major SHTF grid-down but things will eventually settle down, they always do. I've said it before but just to re-iterate; we are not the Taliban. We know civilization, technology and modern conveniences.....folks will not tolerate living in the middle ages for long. Once the guns fall silent folks will make huge collective efforts and sacrifices to re-establish as much of the infrastructure, organization, etc that previously existed, albeit on a smaller scale. I can imagine electrical power and even limited television broadcasts returning within ten years after a complete grid-down, at least in isolated pockets.


My advice: Prepare yes, but save your worry for what is.....not on what will be. Let Prudence be your motivator, not fear.....




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Ideas on what would be the best cheapest "battle rifle" to get?


You can pick up an AR-15 in 223/556 for about 6-800. less if you shop around or buy used parts, more if you want a piston operated system. AK for 600. mini 14 for 500ish. SKS for about 3-400. theres a lot of "old" battle rifles out there you can get real cheap. they're not bad guns, infact they're great guns. just wont impress any mall ninja friends you may have.

I think i'm gonna get "my girlfriend" a basic AR-15 for xmas ;)


This guy makes some very good points. but what i think he is mistaken on is that we preppers (most of us/the smart ones..) wont be out looking for a fight. if you're smart you will do ANYTHING short of killing yourself to avoid it, not to mention avoiding OTHER people in general. we're gonna be hiding. somewhere, hopefully, far away from the path of anybody else. and if we're found, we will fight tooth and nail to survive i'm sure. I live about 5 minutes from Lemoore Naval Air Station and as soon as i hear any news of SHTF i'm leaving and going far away. and once i get far away, depending on the situation, the person that i meet up with far away and I, will go a little further.

I've never seen combat. I've never been in the military. I know that anyone out there that wants to take a shot at me, IS a better shot than I. they ARE more well trained than I. But IF push comes to shove, sorry, but im not going to just lay down and take it because the bully is bigger than i am. and if i fall, hey, i dont have anything to be worried about anymore :)


Also, NaNa- You can get a mossberg 500 12g with both an 18.5'' and 28'' barrel (one for HD the other for hunting) for about 250 at big5!! (and that's in CA...) you can also get a 22lr for the same price. I opted for my first weapon to be a shotgun simply because it's better for HD, which is my number one priority at the moment.

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Von Bayern, I'm 5'4" if I lie and wear shoes, and since the surgery, I don't wear shoes. My weight - well, we aren't going to discuss that.


Danm, I'm not worried about accumulating an arsenal, but the video did make me realize that it won't be long before there's no one to wake up if I hear something go bump in the night. That bothers me more than I thought it would, but it is what it is. You deal with reality and not with wishes.


I'll keep prepping on my own, and while times will be lean, at least I won't have to justify myself every time I buy something to put away. I'd like to survive, no matter what happens or doesn't happen. And I don't fight battles. I'm the sweet old lady (unless you know me, and then you know there's nothing sweet about me) who feeds everyone and talks to anyone and is basically harmless.

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