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Hone your bartering skills with friends!

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I usually detest bartering. Being a retired military guy (E-7, SWO3 & mustang), I did very little negotiating in my career. You either did it my way or we went behind the paint locker and, after ‘talking’, you did it my way. After retiring I became a Realtor. And then I spent half my time negotiating so it got to be distasteful to negotiate for myself. But suddenly, over the past few weeks, I have been having a ball. Let me give you some examples:


I traded a Desert Eagle for a MSAR 556. The rifle I got in return was nearly double what I paid for the Desert Eagle and it came with four Picatinny rail, front & back pop-up Troy sights, seven magazines and a carrying case. In return, he got my Desert Eagle, five magazines and two boxes of ammo I had purchased for the DE. I think that I made out better on the deal but both parties were happy so all went well.


Then Tinder and I started bartering for knives and paracord items (I love Tinder’s craftsmanship with paracord. He is a wizard!). He makes products I want & need and I make stuff he wants. So we ‘mashed’ out a deal and I think we are both happy. Again, an exchange where both parties are happy is a good trade. And to be 100% honest, Tinder and I didn’t negotiate too much. He exchanged a couple e-mails… figured out what we wanted and then simply made it work! I highly – and I mean HIGHLY – recommend Tinder as a person with whom to do business! I can’t wait to see what he sends me!


The next deal I will finish tomorrow. I have a bunch of 22 rifles, both regular and 22 Magnum, hiding in the gun safe. So I went to a gun store today to trade my well used Calico M100 for a brand new Ruger wheel gun in 38/357. It is light as a feather and will make an awesome carry piece. But the Calico is a ‘special’ rifle, especially for Massachusetts. It comes with two 100 round magazines. Since the new, improved law changing the maximum capacity of magazines in Massachusetts to 10 or less (since the mid 1970’s) having two 100 round magazines is impossible to find and is a real show-stopper. These things are impossible to find here. But it is legal because it was in the commonwealth before the date that the law was passed so it is ‘grandfatherd’ in. I haven’t shot that gun for over a year because one can empty it in less than two minutes and it takes another 20 to fill them back up! So, I owned it… I shot it a lot… and now it’s time to go. It’s a fair trade.


Also, I have seen more and more Internet sites and local businesses have started advertising that they take cash, credit and precious metals. Precious metals! Cool! Seeing all these changes, I decided that I’d better hone my bartering skills.


So, why am I bringing this up? Well, many folks here do ‘business’ with each other. And often it is tough to figure out how payment is to be made. Well, sending a package filled with products is an easy way to exchange goods and services. And negotiating with folks here seems to be fairly easy! So, people might consider trying to barter rather than exchanging goods and services for money. I know that I am now open to bartering! Plus, creating sound bartering skills will be a necessity if and when SHTF occurs. I'd rather trade with people here than with most people. The folks here can be trusted.


Now go forth and prosper! ;)

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Coastie thanks for the kind words and I too highly recommend you to others to do business with as well. This is the third time I have exchanged goods with someone on this site and so far I am extremely happy. The things I wanted I didn't have the cash for at the time but I did have things other wanted so it was great to be able to exchange goods like that. Now coastie....I'm just trying tocalculate how many para cord items I would have to send you in exchange for your big boy 50!!!! Or a 10/22=}

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Im going to say"Told You So"...


Barter...........the next best thing to a NON Tax society..............Yep thats Right NO Taxes....if for any other reason you need to barter other than to STOP the over taxation of everyone ....


AND useing the Natural God given Talent to make something,and exchange it FAIRLEY for something else that you need...just seem to be the most Natural thing to do..


Develope your Talents NOW..Talk to people,If some one has something they "Dont Need"than expect the value to be less than anything "RETAIL",compare the Value to what YOU have,and the "WANT and Need"

Issue is the same for both partys(even exchange) ...

Barter 101 class is now closed........................Go forth and BARTER...........



Sorry Im a Barter Bigot................and Yes I barter all the time...I Hate Taxes...............JMO

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