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emergency welding

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I have done it. It is even possible to use a plain wire coat hanger for a welding rod.

Now I said it works....I didn't say it works very well!


One caution- You still need to protect your eyes- I had some medium bad retina burns when I was done- I thought I was careful, but it wasn't careful enough.

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Now I know this may sound strange BUT that's your problem LOL


a large clear glass jug acts like a magnifying glass if it is close to 12 inches it can be used as

eye protection as 12 inches of plain water protects eyes against thermal radiation.


you can weld under water with D.C. so battery welding under water will give you


40& of strength and 60% ductility or viceversa it has only been 25 years


so get off my azz..LOL

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Yes it will work, it's not pretty and can be brittle so it would depend on what your welding.


But if your prepping and believe you might need to do some welding you should probably have a oxygen/ acetylene torch set up, and a diesel powered welder will also serve as a great backup generator. I do a lot of gas welding and use nothing but clothes hangers or good old fashion bailing wire.


Don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but you can use propane instead of acetylene but you will need propane tips for both your cutting and welding heads. Talk to your local welding supply and they can point you in the right direction for the equipment you already have. Remember, it's probably going to be a lot easier to stockpile propane than acetylene. As for the oxygen, it wouldn't hurt anyone to stock up on some oxygen tanks because what goes inside is the same stuff they serve at hospitals. Great for curing headache's and hangovers as well as other medical purposes.

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