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desert rat

Be prepared, it's gonna hurt!

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I just found this and it's ugly. I'd thought and wondered over and over again why I was

so compelled to prepare for a scenario such as an impending doom. I'd also thought of an

excuse such as an economic collapse would be a reason to explain to my family why I felt

preparing was such a necessity. I didn't realize how right I was!


The way I'm seeing it, we are all going to pay for what our past and present

administrations have done. This is ugly. It looks like the only way out is sacrifice.

Our sacrifice, someone has to pay for it and our government can't. They've been

trying to borrow from Peter to pay Paul and have continued to get deeper and deeper

into debt since the 70's. I just wonder if they continue to turn a blind eye to this, or if

all they can see is darkness and it smells like sh!t where their heads are at!

Granted our present administration hasn't done anything about it, nor has any of the

past admins. since the 80's.


I suggest everyone take 5mins. and watch this accountant explain the nations dilemma

on our budget. I don't think 5 minutes will hurt you if you haven't seen this video.

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D R...


You dont have to wonder why do you???

America is the last place on earth to "Have an opportunity driven economy"...with out a central Goverment control...



Bureaucrats are the danger.........they control without conscisce....and dont give a shit ....



Does this Sound familar????????????????


"Overwhelmingly...Germans speak with mystification of Hitler's 'hypnotic' appeal..."[4] Under the "leader principle", the Führer's word was above all other laws. Top officials reported to Hitler and followed his policies, but they had considerable autonomy. The government was not a coordinated, cooperating body, but rather a collection of factions struggling to amass power and gain favor with the Führer..



A bureaucrat is a member of a bureaucracy and can comprise the administration of any organization of any size, though the term usually connotes someone within an institution of government. Bureaucrat jobs were often "desk jobs" (the French for "desk" being bureau, though bureau can also be translated as "office"), though the modern bureaucrat may be found "in the field" as well as in an office.



History.........................................................oooooooooo Im on somebodys list!!!!!!

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