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GSX 125 Flashlight - Cheap, Chinese, but Good

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Its been a while since I bought this light and Ive come to the conclusion - I like it.


GSX is a Gander Mtn brand i think. The model 125 is a 125 lumen LED flashlight that runs on one AA battery. I picked mine up for $30.


The light is made out of some kind of alloy. Its feel fairly descent. About the same as a coleman or rayovac light for the same price. The light has no tacticle features other than a focusable lens (spot to flood) and a on-off/momentary switch on the back of the light.


the specs claim 1.5hrs of run time on a single AA but im getting 5-6x's that amount.


This light is bright. With the lens focused to flood I can almost cover my entire backyard.


Ive taken this light to work and used it as an edc(though i prefer the smaller microstream by streamlight for edc). Its been banged around and gotten wet and muddy. Holding up just fine. Not like those cheap chinese gas station lights.


I high recommend this light for its high value. Good light for the home or glove compartment. And the batteries wont break the bank. Schwing!

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