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Hurricane Isaac

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As you guys may remember from the 70's through the 80's a lot of Detroit iron used polyurethane panels to close out bumper to body gaps, such as those fin type taillights on Cadillacs. I was running a large paint and body operation at the time.


I had this one customer, a real gentleman farmer bring in his Caddy one day to have those plastic panels replaced. Wasn't unusual, they only lasted a few years before UV made them brittle so I had those in the shop often.


I replace them and he goes on his merry way. About 4 months later her returns with those same panels all broken up like before. He's a bit mad, thinking that I had used cheap parts. I assured him that they came direct from GM and that GM would replace them under warrant, which they did.


He leaves only to return a couple of weeks later with yet another set of damaged panels. He's mad, I'm mad and GM is mad. Replace the set once more.


A few weeks later he pulls up into the lot. I see him coming and can also see that those panels are again shot. I mentally prepare for a confrontation. Instead he walks in and says "I figured out what's ruining those panels" and throws some photos on my desk. They're shots of his goats munching on them. GM replaced them one last time, everyone laughed about it and he installed new fencing around his house. Problem finally solved.

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I hope that what I am about to write offends no one but I believe that it needs to be said.


First off, some background. I invested 22-years of my youth to the US Coast Guard. During those years, I was involved in one or two water rescues. During one such rescue, I was badly hurt. A diver had jumped into the water before connecting his air line to his buoyancy compensator. Being a rescue diver, I guess it was best that I went out and got the guy. I swam out, grabbed him from the regulator, placed my knees on his tank and lifted his butt out of the water. It was textbook! Then I slowly brought the man to shore. When we were in about three inches of water the water suddenly disappeared quickly. Without looking I knew what that meant but I looked anyway. Sure as heck, there was a huge rogue wave bearing down on us. As I turned around, the other driver’s tank was right in my face. I had to either let him go and protect my face OR keep my hand on his ankle and ride it out. I selected o keep hold of him because I didn’t want to go back out and get him. Yes, there was a lot of pain and I saw a bunch of my teeth floating away. His tank ripped through my lips, jaw and it was painful. But I got him to shore and saved him.


Now, why did I tell that story? Great question!


The guy that jumped in was stupid. He failed to assemble his gear correctly. He never checked his buddy’s gear. He didn’t demand that his buddy checked his gear. There were three major screw ups! But, what does this have to do with the thread?


The people that stayed behind did so at their own risk. They failed to check their own gear! They ought to be accountable for the consequences of their decisions. Why should a fellow Coastie put his or her life on that line to save someone too frigging stupid to get out of the way of this storm? Did they forget about Katrina already? Did they forget what a hurricane can do to a city that is seven feet BELOW sea level? Why should the family of a Coastie lose their husband and dad because some moron was too stupid to run away from a big storm?


If you stayed behind, great. You’ll be there when the water recede. This “Come save me!” attitude is total BS! These people had enough time to walk to safety yet they stayed. The people that stayed behind and then demanded others to come save them are greedy, self-centered a-holes. Leave or stay - - - your decision - - - your consequences. Period!


Now that I have written my venting stream, if I were on active duty today, I would be the first in line to go down there and rescue those morons. Yes, I am stupid and this crap pulses through my veins. But I still think they are greed morons. And if one – ONE - rescuer dies or is hurt saving one of these morons… well… I cannot write what I want to write. But rest assured, it ain’t nice!


Sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my chest. I hope I offended no one. If I did offend you, well, I am sorry. I am sorry that you are so easily offended.

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Excoastie, well written and I agree 100%


We've been discussing this very subject on the local fishing/hunting forum. Quite a few active and former CG members plus all of the other branches. I think I can safely say you're opinions is mirrored by all of us on that forum.


What got the discussion started was that the CG worked through Monday night searching for a lost jet skier. Guy goes out on Monday morning with Isaac bearing down. Weather well on the way to bad, surge in and waves way above normal. He was 47 years old with a wife and kids. Guess we'll never know the reason why he headed out but it's hard to think of a scenario where that was anything but a very bad plan. I'm not a trained professional but living all my life on the coast and boating being a huge part of it I do know what angry seas can do and how fast things turn to crap.


When events like Isaac happen things are bad enough if everyone does what they should do. It does upset me that there are people out there that depend on others to make decisions for them or sit around wishing for the best.


Life isn't fair. If it was you wouldn't hear about 1, 2 or 5 people dying trying to save one moron.


Edit: Forgot to add : Thank you for your service!

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this is the 15% of people that are undecided and the left depends on for their vote they are easily led they accept as fact what they are told by popular

consensus telemarketers love these fu@kers and that is why

they are treated like a endangered species.


your not suppose to kick their ass when they get in your face or do something



the road rage law was made to protect these morons.


if you cuss them you get a ticket or go to jail not them.


unless their breaking the castle law you cannot shoot them.


All they have to do is lie and you go to jail.


Our system has defended and protected these idiots and pricks to a point they feel self important.


these are the same people that say "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE" and then they expect hell they demand

that you pay for their stupidity or risk your life for them well I don't won't and do not give a sh*t.


was watching a documentary about Katrina this moron was upset that

some peoples home were destroyed and was making a show about it.

while speaking to a couple this self promoted community organizer comes up

and asks if they are going to give them money for being on camera LMAO,

and then went into a diatribe about how they had been misled before and ripped off and all the money that was supposed to be coming {from FEMA}

blah blah blah.

The woman got all teary eyed and upset that she could not help them,

WTF has either or any of these morons and idiots heard of flood insurance???? or insurance period?


Yea they had a fairly new Cadillac that had been flooded with the house

and they were in a suburban looked new and they could not afford


these people want to live like there is no tomorrow expect others to bear

the load and while they are buying vehicles and eating out going on trips

gambling wearing fine clothes and jewelry up to date cell phones {saw this}

your wondering why you can't because your paying for insurance!!!!!

LMAO and when their sh*t get destroyed it's your fault......


I did not give a dime to rebuilding only to food and necessities.


If people do something stupid I will walk away

if you think I am kidding hide and watch I'll teach you a trick! {I'll sit back and relax and let them bite it.}


one of the people on my street was racing a motorcycle in a 15 MPH zone

at about 60+ MPH wiped out and went into a hurricane fence last time I saw him he was hung / hanging on it bike tore all to sh*t and looked like he got more of the same {no helmet}.

I turned and went in the house and watched TV.

my other asked what was going on? as now all the neighbors were gathering.

I said NOT to go out but guess what, did and got all excited and said I needed to help I looked in my WAY and said shut up and close the door.


later I was asked WHY? well first they were a thief and then a pain in the azz

numerous times have had the cops called out for screaming loud music

after hours fights and arguments in the street and racing up and down our

road and I asked to I have to explain further?


And yes I am an azzhole God knows it and many others know it even I am

aware of my faults.

Sometimes I choose not to give a sh*t.

enabling stupid people is counter productive you build they destroy

you produce peace they make drama if you do not help then they will

die off and you wont have to deal with that crap those that GET IT will wake up

and change or adapt and become more acceptable.


If I am an azzhole then what do you call a system that is buying hollow points

that has created their own problem {feeding lazy drug dealers and hookers

and baby factories} I guess now the final solution has been found if they

can't control them they are going to kill them they should have done that

50 years ago and we would not be 16 trillion dollars in debt. IMHFO.

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To members of this forum now experiencing this storm, I sincerely hope and pray for your well being. While I do not want to see innocents suffering, I am pretty sure there is a special place in Hell for parents or family members who selfishly refuse to

prepare to protect their own children and senior citizens from approaching(well publicized harm).

I too am fearful of seeing children becoming fatherless because THEIR Dad(or Mom) had to rescue some lazy ass fool from their own mess. I am not YET qualified to be a senior citizen although I am closer than a lot of folks. As a grandpa and Dad, I cannot imagine what these IDIOTS who willingly place others at risk, expecting "rescue" are using for brains. Apologies for the rant.(I am an alumni of the USAF and hold most Coasties in high regard)

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If you have nothing to lose,you have nothing to worry about,9 times out of 10,people who don`t prep,or evacuated,hit the streets to loot,don`t pay rent,get full gov aid,why should they prep?,the tax payers keeps them going.I hate to said this but,take a look.

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Malcolm, amen brother to that! Heck, I hope that everyone gets out alive and that the damage is minimal. I would never wish ill-will to anyone simply for being stupid. I pray that everyone gets out of there in one piece and that their property survives.


That said, has anyone seen a helo after it crashed in the ocean and spent a week on the bottom? I have. The tallest part of the helo was two feet high. We could not see or get into the pilot area. The seat where the rescue swimmer sat was bent in half and was flattened like a pancake. Sadly, the swimmer’s remains were scooped out of that seat. Yes, he was still in the seat when it was crushed. He didn’t come out in one piece. Ya, I got emotional and I am not ashamed to say it. I got pissed off. An entire crew lost. A bunch of kids lost their dads, wives lost their husbands and parents lost their child.


I am tired of losing friends because people are stupid. Going to sea on a jet ski because the waves are ‘rad’… real frigging smart! And one of my brothers is out there searching for this moron. Hopefully he was washed ashore in one piece.


That said, we have a saying which we live by: “You have to go out. You don’t have to come back.” And yes, that includes rescuing stupid people. As I said, I would be the first one in line to add to the rescue assets on scene. And yes, I would rescue stupid people. And I would not call them stupid. I would treat them with respect. But after all was said and done and everyone was safe again, we would sit down over a beer and discuss the stupidity of people. And hopefully, we’d not have to morn the loss of a shipmate.

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I blame parents somewhat for breeding dummies. I'm not the smartest guy around but my folks taught by example and really focused on decision making. Hell, my dad is 82 YO and he wouldn't hesitate to reach across the table and smack sense into me today if I showed bad decision making skills. In fact looking back on my life there is at least one marriage and one business decision where I wish he would have administered some baseball bat therapy.


Maybe another trait of these types is selfishness. A 'Normal" person will think at least a little about how his actions will affect others down the road. After I got married the first time and had two young kids I was still doing MX. Took a fall that kept me out of work for almost two weeks and as a result put a ding in the paycheck when money was extremely critical. I didn't even need a lecture, one look from my wife as she was writing out checks for household bills was all it took to put the bikes up for sale.


I don't mean we all need to be wimps and afraid of life but there are calculated risks and then there are thoughtless risks. When a natural disaster is bearing down on you it is each person's responsibility to take care of themselves and the folks that depend on them.


A lot of those folks being rescued in LA are sheeple. I know the type. I agree that it's their fault but if you knew their background you would probably sigh and say "stupid is as stupid does". As much as all of us on this forum would like to think that everyone is as capable of actually understanding what the world is about, it's dangers and the options are it just ain't so. I've met tons of people that frankly do not have, nor ever will have common sense. I wish it were different but the reality is that in bad situations you can count on a certain percent of humans just taking up space and valuable resources. Always been that way, always will.

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