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BOL -- Preplanting crops to run wild?

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I have a BOL that is a few hundred miles from me. I have been considering what would happen if I had to live there permanently... Would I be able to survive until I got a gearden going? Sure there is game to be hunted, but meat only for months?


I was thinking of planting some "crops" ahead of time and just let them "go wild". I was also thingking about planting some bamboo to use for tools and building materials. There is bamboo in the area, but none on my land or withing walking distance that i know of..


Anyone have any thoughts on this or plants that would be suitable? Things that are heaty, with a good yield, and will self sustain itself (perennials).

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sunflowers go nuts attract all kind of game and the nuts are edible and you can use an oil extractor

and get cooking oil.


beets and turnips do well in cool weather as does romaine lettuce.


onions do well try to find multiplying onions


grapes find some you like and use a cable poles and some dead men to make a trellis


garlic patch 4foot x 4 foot area buy garlic from the store {sometimes they do things to make it not propagate}

plant it all over and leave it alone, but to weed.


potatoes and sweet potatoes soil need to be well tilled.


corn is a maybe crop it all depends on rain and other weather events.


never plant all your seeds if you have a bad season you will not be able to start again.


a small hot house to start your plants before spring like tomatoes squash okra etc

some depends on where you live you can do 2 sets spring and mid summer as long as you have time

before a frost to pick them.


kale broccoli greens you should have turnip and mustard greens asparagus carrots you can tent these


or you can grow them in a green house I use fence pickets and 2x12 cut 14 to 16 inches long

they make the ends and one in the middle use free news paper ti line it so dirt does not leak out

and fill with dirt.


find old sliding doors and windows that are being replaced and use to make the green house

I build mine from 4x4's old sheet metal on its side around the bottom any holes can be patched

with tar and polyester material {old 70's pants suit material} and cover with more tar


sides need to be glass top need to be corrugated clear plastic the north wall need to be an end wall and doubled with any kind of insulation barrels of water for bench tops the water retains heat from the day

you can put a wood stove with a flue pipe you do not want smoke inside stack bricks around it I burn yard

sticks and limbs, dry grass with all the advertisements news papers and boxes etc. after the sun goes down

and you want to keep it above freezing but no need to get it above 60 degrees

it all depends on how far north you are.

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Thanks snake. Dont need a greenhouse though.

I'm just looking for something that I can plant, leave alone and will be there if I need it... Next year, 2 years, 10 years, whenever.


I'm thinking potatoes and sweet potatoes. The deer will decimate any type of grain and many vegetables. I just hope that hogs dont get the the taters. I've never seen any on my land, but they are in the area.

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Blackberry bushes.. You need several in order to produce fruit. They look "natural" and will produce lots of fruit here in Bama.

Bananna trees actually grow well here also, will reproduce to take over an area and should produce fruit in a couple of years.

Satsumas and other fruit bushes/trees work well. Japanese persimmons do well.

There's always peanut plants. Hogs and other animals may get them, but you never know.

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hi all

blackberries are good,the roots made into a tea stops the squats,or squirts.they also if placed right helps secure an area because most people can't move threw it,or hide in planing on planting can be a security plus.raspberries are also good.some people can't tell the my area (in)blue berries, pawpaws,mulberries,cherries,there are many weeds that are also benifical.lambquarters,dandalions, horseradish,just to name a few.these are all self planting.cattails are one of the best.

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Checking with local farmer co-op stores and state biologists for suggestions for the area would be a start. As far as bamboo get a type that does not spread as some types will take over an area. As some of the other guys suggested fruit trees are great for food and to attract game.

Keep in mind certain varieties of plants ripen sooner or later than others so if you have some of each your harvest period would be longer and it might mean that you would have something even if the weather was poor one year.

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