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It’s that time again. Another Knife Give Away!

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Okay gang, I feel the need to share with my prepper amigos. So, I am giving away another knife. This knife is an all-purpose knife. It is sharp… very sharp. I know this because I cut myself on one of these blades and it went deep and I bled for a l-o-n-g time.


I cut, dyed and stabilized the handles myself. I think that I used maple but I can’t tell since I stabilized it. It is now heavier and stronger than before I worked my magic on it. The color is a deep blue. Again, it is not perfect but it’ll take the new owner a while of close inspection to see the ‘errors’. The errors will NOT impact the knife’s use.


Here’s what you have to do to enter the give-away:


You must be 18 years old or older.


If you are NOT over 18 years of age and you enter and win, I am going to want an e-mail from one of your parents. Additionally, I am going to want to talk to one of your parents over the phone. That’s how I worked it with TCC and it worked fine. Not only does it make me feel comfortable that the winner’s family is okay with the knife but it proves to the parents that I am not a weirdo! Okay, I am a weirdo but not THAT kind of weirdo!


Just post the word ‘IN’ on this thread before the deadline. The deadline for this one is August 31, 2012 at mid-night-ish. I realize that some people are away and don’t get to check in so I have permitted ‘late comers’ to enter the give-away if the reasoning for the late entry is real (I was on orders, I was in jail, the farmer’s-daughter’s brothers were chasing me, I was drunk for the past week, etc). You know… real, manly (or womanly) excuses.


I will use a random number generator on the 1st to pick a winner. That winner will send me their snail mail address. I will ship the knife to them on my dime. I do, however, ask three things of the winner.


Please let me know via an e-mail that you received your blade.

Post a picture of the knife in your hand.

Tell everyone that you like it. If you don’t like it - - - LIE! Just joking! No wait, lie!


Side note: why do I do this? I don’t know. I’ve done stuff like this all my life and I don’t plan to stop now. Since I have found a great community that I like & respect, I want to give to that community.


So, enter now, or later, or tomorrow or next week. Please enter only once. Sadly, if you have received one of my give-away knives before, you won’t win this time. You can enter, but I bet you won’t win… if you know what I mean! ;)


Also, I will post the pictures below (if I can figure out how to do it again!

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Not IN. I have more knives than should be allowed, and would not fell right taking what another may need. I would however like to thank you for your generosity. It is a nice looking knife.

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Matt, I just checked it to see how things were going. The knife is not sharp on both sides.


I am going to pick the winner tonight and will send them an e-mail asking for the snail mail address. I'll get the knife in the mail of Tuesday.


Good luck to all...

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Using an Internet Radom Number generator, the winner is:






I feel like this is a comedy skit. “Who won?” “Nobody.” “I thought you picked a winner.” “I did.’” “So who won?” “Nobody.” You get the routine.


So, nobody, please send me your snail mail address and I will get your knife in the mail on Tuesday… unless my age problem hits again and I forget.


For those that didn’t win, I am sure that I will do this again in the future so you’ll have another chance.

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