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Datrex Food Bars

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probably the sh*ts


they are OK I did not see the video but I can guess they are subsistence not a meal you eat a bit to


fend off gut cramps from hunger pains and lie one of the comments stated it properly they needed


to drink more water.


I have the S.O.S the DATREX and the mainstay they are different some count on coconut oil good for


calories great cold weather one tastes like an almond cookie the other like butter cookie the other like


a plain animal cracker no they are not 5 star fare but if you eat them nibbling and sipping your going to


get by some people get the squirts some become bound up you need to drink water but if one of these


symptoms occurs use common sense add or reduce water intake any drastic change in diet will have


an effect if these were dangerous or bad then the coast guard would not have advised to have them


if your allergic to wheat or have a problem with gluten you need to try them a nibble before you buy


a case lot, these are a 5 year stable storage item you can leave in a vehicle or boat so if you get caught


out you can get by they come in 1200 to 3600 calorie bars minimum daily intake depends on weather


cold needs more calories heat less so you need to investigate your needs for your situation.


I also have sardines crackers MRE type and fruit and mre breads like any plan you need to have more


than one option I also have coffee tea and flavored drink mixes peach tea cranberry etc.


have options that is the best way.

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I keep mainstay 3600 in my truck get home bag and one in my BOB. The package in the BOB is merely to supplement the MREs that I have in there in case I have to get calories on the fly. Not too sure I would rely on them for any type of longer term nutrition.

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I do mainstay and SOS. Gotta 3600SOS under my front seat, among other divided stashs.


DO you remember watching "THe Colony" when they did the time lapse photos show to how people had lost weight? (I only watched a few episodes) I'd expect something like that if you try to live totally off Emergency Rations. THey give calories and some nutrition, but not everything you need, and none of that nutrition is in its natural form.

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