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Cast Iron/Clay Pot Cooking

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Just to let people know your going to need a lot of these back in the day when people slaughtered


a whole animal they made it up into all kinds of things and cooked them rendered the fat into cooking / grease


if you have ever seen a 24 inch skillet and most have seen a large kettle / scalding pot water is heated to boiling


put into a barrel {too hot water sets the hair} when the water was right dip and scrape the hog to get


rid of hair same with birds goose chickens etc scald pick the feathers and pull pin feathers and then the fun


part scorch the fine noseeum hairs off pig small intestines were stripped and pulled wrong side out and


cleaned with lye water and scrubbed rinsed and washed in salt water these were the casings for sausage.


large intestines some did not use were cut up and fed to the dogs with some other minor parts


some make them into chitterlings notice the close tie of the name SH*T cause that is what they taste like to me.


the stomach was washed in lye water scrubbed numerous times as it has folds and cut into 3/4 in squares and


salted for tripe or if you like Menudo Mexican tripe soup pretty good find some recipes tripe and hominy go



the salt in the cooking and food itself helped to keep it from going rancid, sausages were packed in a crock


then a layer of grease alternated filled and covered with cloth and kept in a cellar {in the cool} same with


chops and steaks


Quarters after brining or salt packing in cool weather were hung in a smoke house and smoked for 3 days


there are specific ways to insure the salt and brine get to the bone or else the meat will go bad.


cast iron is great but what we use today is not the size to handle what may need to be taken care of.


anyway a long explanation but a 12 inch skillet ain't going to get it maybe 3 "GOT CROCKS" going to need


some or make dry sausage and half cook and dry pack in salt or jerk meat or can what ever you can to store


all this meat even a small deer is about 30 to 40 pounds of meat.


bones need to be salted smoked for soup or ground for meal for dog food as none of this can be wasted


pork and birds goes bad quick so it needs processed ASAP


I count on a few books and intend to get a few more just on sausage especially dry sausage as I live in


a hot humid climate I am always on the net looking and printing stuff for my climate.


should refrigeration become untenable.due to electrical costs or black outs or whatever.


now you know why I do not want to kill a moose your going to need horses to drag him off.


you will be glad you got cold weather to keep the meat but now you get to fight off the wolves and bears


LMAO if we do not have the modern conveniences it's going to be damn hard.


did I mention pickling....................... lol


there is so much I have not mentioned and that is why we need more books and you need


gallons of vinegar mucho pounds of salt and spices to put your meat up and keep it.


and have it taste good pemmican is ok but I don't want to eat it every day.

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