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To Nomad or not to Nomad

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So I didn't really no where to put this question buuut,


Me and my husband can't seem to agree on what would be realist during a bug out situation. He say pick up and move every two days. I say a stationary location could be better for long haul survival(especially if you've scouted out said location ahead of time).


So I guess I'm wanting to know some outside opinions of the subject. And what youll be doing.

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Under some circumstances it might be advisable to keep moving, but at some point even a nomad will want something more stable. Conditions may dictate, but I prefer a stationary location. I am living in a farm area and my choice will be to stay right where I am. Here I am afforded land for growing crops, a lake for fishing and water, and treeland for fuel. For me there is no reason to move about.

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I think it depends on the situation and your surroundings.


In a SHTF event, we are planning to bug in, at least short-term, but we will keep our bug out bags ready if events dictate otherwise. The Alamo is a great place to visit, but we have no plans in my household for a repeat performance should the Golden Horde turn up on our doorstep.

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Moving every 2 days will be hard especially if your not familiar with the areas your moving into. Every city will hold new dangers and people untrusting of refugees and strangers or worse looking to prey you for your supplies. If you avoid cities then you need to know how to live off the land for extended periods of time during all seasons. Also food becomes an issue. Say you kill a deer. An entire deer worth of meat is heavy especially onto of all your bug out gear. If you have an organ trail style wagon and animal team or a heard of animals to graze it becomes a lot more of an option but trying to live off the land without putting down roots will be hard and a huge life style shock if your not doing it now. I you have long term solutions to these problems your light-years ahead of me.


Bugging out is a very possible option but most people have a bug out destination or 2.

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I'm just worried my husband has unrealistic expectations for our family(of four me,him, our two kids both under three). I also am a big fan of the bug out location. Security, and stability would do wonders for helping our kids adjust to any situation.


I don't mind tents and camping, but I really don't think I could handle it in the long term.

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My opinion on buggin out and in is based on the severity of the situation at hand and the difficulty/safety of moving to a new location. Sometimes it makes more sense to just stay put and ride it out, other times you need to get your butt moving. Even your perfect bug out location may come under fire at some point so you have to be ready to move.

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So I didn't really no where to put this question buuut,


Me and my husband can't seem to agree on what would be realist during a bug out situation. He say pick up and move every two days. I say a stationary location could be better for long haul survival(especially if you've scouted out said location ahead of time).


So I guess I'm wanting to know some outside opinions of the subject. And what youll be doing.


First off, most nomads aren't what we mean by nomads. Even the great plains nomads of America and the Steppes move from camp site to camp site where they stay from 1 to 3 months, sometimes more.


Moving every couple of days could be forced on you but that is an escape and evasion, not a nomadic existence. The nomads moved to follow the herds. The other part of this is that if you are not moving, you are not leaving tracks. No one can stumble across your sign and follow you to your location if you're not moving. If you are moving you have to improve each position you stop at, each and every time. New fire pits, new defensive positions, new shelter and you did remember to remove all traces at the old site, right? You know, no traces or tracks to lead to you kind of thing.


If you haven't read Lights Out by David Crawford (I downloaded it to my Kindle) there is a discussion in there (not the main theme of the book, which is OK with some minor reservations in my opinion) of a couple who has to bug out with their kids. The description of all the problems of trying to travel a hundred miles with little ones and their baggage is spot on. They have a great deal of problems due to fatigue, weight carrying, slower than expected travel, rougher than expected terrain, etc.


In the days of the wagon train, ten miles a day for a wagon was considered extremely good time. Often enough it was a mile or two and occasionally less. Moving with a load of stuff (you have two toddlers - you HAVE a lot of stuff) is tuff without motor transport or horses or at least dogs to pull supplies. Let see, with one of you to scout and the other to provide backup and cover the back trail and the other to tend to the little ones (and provide security for them) and the other two to carry the supplies and ...... Unless the little guys can do OK on your survival rations there is special food to consider, diapers, medicines, liquids etc. That is a tough road for two on foot. Just how willing are you to let your little ones drink water from a lake before you've had a chance to really make sure it is disinfected of all toxins and bugs. Dysentery kills kids. Not so much fun for adults either but not usually fatal if treated.


Unless it was a forced on me matter of life or death, I would not bug out on foot with little ones unless we were traveling extremely lightly to get to a Bug Out Location (BOL) where my supplies are cached. Even then, take the amount of time you expect the trip to take, double it and add 10%. It'll probably take longer still, but you at least will have a good idea of what you need. Then I'd try the bug out to see if my guesses were anywhere close.


As a last resort, go camping for a week and change sites every few days, just to see how the family handles it. I don't think it would be fun.


I hate to disagree with your husband, but the fact is children like the elderly complicate the solution. It can be done but it isn't nearly as easy as moving without them. Just my not so humble opinion but until the children can walk as well as you guys, bugging out will be extremely tough. Short distances only and then with inadequate supplies because you can't carry it all and them, even with wagons.

Edited by Capt Bart

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Hmm. I never thought about bugging in. I've always lived in highly populated areas and never felt they wouldn't be good places to stay put. Suppose I should think about it though.


Well this certainly has made me rethink my disaster plan. Thank you everyone for all the input.

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I wonder about this as well. i figure like Capt Bart said, it is going to suck. i am trying to talk my wife (successfully I might add) into doing camping excursions next summer. We are going to start with over night, then two, and so on, and eventually build up to longer outings. The goal is to go to the Grand Canyon and camp it. But the secondary goal, is to perfect movement techniques with children, and see how our youngins (both under three) can hold up, and if we, the parents can hold up. I have no intentions of staying bugged out if I have to, I would much rather go someplace where we can then bug in. My biggest fear is that we would have to bug out in the middle of winter. Summer would be unhappy as well, but cold environments increase your caloric demand, and the amount of gear you need to make it. It also slows your movement if you dont have skis or snow shoes, and generally makes life a living hell (this i got to experience first hand at the Cold Weather mountain Warfare school in Bridgeport CA.) Capt Bart is right, practicing this one is crucial. Good luck, let us know what you figure out.

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Well gentle people:


First and foremost I wish to thank in advance all those professionals who are going

to die at their stations, why I will explore a few of these and some seem so mundane

and we take these for granted but if people just walk away very very dire consequences.

in order for us to be able to hit the restart button men and women are going to shut down

and flush or route these systems properly or we will not be able to restart.


I choose to stand, if you run it's into trouble.

If you move that is a whole different concept.


I'll thin the herd you try to hit the restart button.

If this event happens I have neither the time nor the patients as it will take many


certain mechanical process cannot just be stopped you do not just walk away from a

nuclear power plant nor any chemical plant or a refinery they go BOOM and unleash a

maelstrom then a Apocalypse of destruction and pollution.


There will be areas of the country that will be uninhabitable for hundreds of years,

we are not speaking of just radiation but toxic soil, that has such a mix of

deadly chemicals

leaching into the water until they are covered by silt under the water weather lake or

ocean until subduction drags them into the core of the earth.


Do not believe me in New York state I am not sure but I believe it was the old Edison

factory there were such toxic levels of chemicals in the river that the area was abandon.

The state went after many years over 50 and testing showed no levels of chemicals at


so the state knew there were toxic elements decided through the super fund to clean

up as the THOUGHT it had been trapped in the sediment or rendered inert.

WELL THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM... once dredging started the silt in the river that was

preventing the leakage was disturbed and can you spell FUKASHIMA, the toxins were

released like a plume and the water was as toxic as they were the day the plant closed.


people will wax nostalgic and move back to the old home stead and die.

In 20 years people will forget or these nomads will come upon a empty house and decide

time to settle in.

these places are every where and they are not obvious the gulf coast from corpus to 100 miles east of new orleans and depending on the prevailing winds for the duration of the

fires, these areas will not be habitable for generations and if those areas

are, those people who try to inhabit them will die.

the fish in the gulf if any live.........


if a sewage treatment plant stops it sedimentizes or turns to concrete.

no walking in and turn on the pumps the sludge after days or weeks


If you have ever had a kitchen sink clog that's what it looks like.

you run hot water in your sink and yet this greasy black and white cake

encompasses the pipe it is a combination of soap, protein and grease and

this is what the bottom of sewage

treatment tank this and piping will be sealed with this sludge.


everyone thinks it will be a blip on the radar in the annals of time maybe.

The mighty Mississippi will kill any one near it for at least 50 years.

In the 60's I remember a big deal about body parts from hospitals we found

as well as needles and such why do you think we have hazardous materials

in hospitals now when I was a kid it was just trash and was sent to the


there are areas that mining for gold and silver polluted with mercury how

will you know.

Nomadding around hey look we are nomads yea your dead walking if you

do not know where to avoid an area that looks good could be downstream

from OMG, and not meaning stream literally.

pollution is like a ooze or plume it moves as the ground water moves it most times gradually depending on soil types.

flooding is natures way of flushing the toilet tank have you noticed that

when it rains now it doesn't smell like it used to fresh it smells like road oil

near any large population.


Consider this I do not believe that if everyone in a refinery ran for the

parking lot at the same time that the place would not go boom before they got home.

it's not a car you do not turn a key it takes a shutdown list and even if it

is stopped

you have people running around like crazy making sure that everything is

venting and flaring and being routed or rerouted and then restart is a cross your fingers as if someone drops the ball you got a problem.

there are procedures in place and check list that have been learned the

hard way.

these people are no less professional than a doctor their patient is just

bigger but they train hard and God bless them bad things can still happen.


All I can say is if you think any TEOTWAWKI scenario end well you are


the movie "the book of Eli" would be a garden spot unless your one of

those who think that evolution will give us the ability to breath through our butt and absorb moisture in a very short time.

we will all die with horrible boils and sores and wicked gut pains screaming blood vomiting epileptic fit, and there my friends is the bright side.....


I wish some think tank would pick me up but they just want some preppie

snot nosed college kid,as I am sure this RANT will be Plagiarize by one of

these twerps.


Because unless you worked for a living you have not got a clue.


we have reached the point of no return all these greenies screaming solar

or wind will save us are so ignorant in a world of information they twitter

and tweet facebook be my friend, are the same morons that buy new tech gadgets every few months we are dying of plastic poisoning and what do

they think we will replace it with.

there are places in the ocean like floating Islands of plastic look it up..


think about how many gadgets, houses and things you have bought in your life now pile them all around you now this is your foot print,

just because someone else bought you got a new one and bigger or better meaning the infrastructure that's required to manage it is HUGE consider

the cell phone how many rockets, satellites, cables, wires, computers,

towers and people now whats your footprint BUDDY..


nothing is free.

you do not get something for nothing.

if it looks to good to be true it is.

we could learn a few thing from the generations that coined these phrases.


Now consider hospitals and places where deadly chemicals are stored

If you think you are going to be running around like recon, stealthy and

poking your finger into a barrel or jar and sniffing your either going to loose a finger or fall dead on the spot some chemicals don't like biological material

many labs will be abandon chemicals that are separated for good reason

some moron will be showing his boy friend how well he can juggle with his

new third arm and blow themselves to pieces leaving another polluted area.

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Well I for one will be part of the nomad scene, as I do not have the funds for a BOL of my own, but I do have a well stocked travel trailer and a truck, I will be heading out some where remote and setting up camp for a while and moving as needed. There will be plenty of scavengable abandoned houses, buildings and vehicles at some point, hunting and fishing will still be around. The pioneers started from bvasically nothing and in the event of some type of collapse or calamity, we will also start from nothing. I believe that in the aftermath of a major event, violence and looting will spill out of the cities and into the suburbs and groups of bandits will eventually begin basically going house to house taking what the want by force. My family and I will not be among those victims.

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