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Mosin Tool Explaination?

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Anyone have an explaination as to what all the parts of the Mosin tool are for?


I know the tip is the screwdriver for dissasembly and firing pin adjustment.

the second and third notches are for firing pin adjustment.


What about the rest?

Also the other bits that come with the tool kit?

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Guest kevin

the last notch fits around the firing pin so you can unscrew it. the first is just to allow the 2nd and 3rd to have access to the pin.

as far as the rest the straight pin is used as a handle for the cleaning rod(just slide it in the hole) the soda cap looking thingy is a barrel guide(so the rod doesn't rub the barrel) the screw looking thingamagig is a....dang it....bore something....scrapes the crud outta your riflings.


please excuse all the tec jargon.


you tube has some vids on breaking down and cleaning the nagants...about anything really.

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