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My wife and I are expecting our first child in the spring which has obviously caused a change in my thought process behind preps. Obviously, there are the normal basics that will need to be accounted for with regards to prepping for this addition to our family (formula, diapers, cream, etc) but as a new parent, i obviously dont have the experience to think of everything. So my questions are as follows.


what preps aside from the obvious food meds diapers creams etc, should i take into account?

are there any companies that have longer shelf life items for this purpose? obviously we wont need 25 year shelf life formula and if we do we got much bigger problems. or do normal formulas have long enough shelf life being powdered anyway?

as we develop through this childs life, it will be important to instill the necessary knowledge in this child so that they are self sufficient when i am gone. aside from the normal fishing hunting camping that we will doing, what can you current parents recommend as far as training. ive never been a big fan of the boy/girl scouts but is that the best route?


thanks in advance.

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Well buy a lot of cloth diapers, yes you have to wash them and its nasty but thats survival for you. Back in caveman days babies died a lot more, but even if TEOTWAWKI happened we are much better off then that. My AP Biology teacher told me breast feeding a baby is extremely important and formula should almost never be used. Do what you wish but breast feeding is all natural and passes on important immunities to the child. Its gonna be rough if SHTF and the world goes bad in the next 6 years especially, but if your kid can walk by the time it happens, your a lot better off. I dunt think anything super serious is gonna happen before dec 21'st 2012, and if nothing happens on that date it probably wont for a few more years, but its gonna happen, definately gonna happen so just do your best. It's better to have a kid now then in a year in my opinion. A main concern you might have is too keep your baby from crying, youll need supplies for that, especially if you have to use your BoB and/or go into the wilderness.


I'm not an expert as I have never had a kid, but I've babysat a few babies (more then) a few times, and learn everything I can.


Good luck.

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Baby can be pretty hard. I would definitly have cloth diapers for one, once they grow out of them you can use them for a multitude of other purposes. Food would be pretty hard unless you are breast feeding until they can eat solids. definitly stock some childrens medicine that is over the counter like liquid tylenol, cough syrup, etc. other than that just sit and make a list of what your baby needs and try to get items that are reusable for that purpose.

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If you have to bug out a baby carrier that you can wear with your bug out bag would be good to have. Start working on a bug out bag for your kid, you have a few years before he/she can carry it him/her self. since your kid is not as strong as their pack should be light, some food, water, warm cloths and a few toys.

Survival mom wrote a good article on babies here.


If you own firearms child-proofing them is a temporary solution but when your kid gets a little older start working on firearm-proofing your kids. Odds are at some point in there life they will encounter a gun and having them know to get out if the gun is not being handled safely is a lesson to remember even into adulthood.

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The article raises some good points. Diapers are a must for young kids, but I wouldn't want to pack a weeks worth of disposables for a bug out situation. Reusable diapers are much better suited for that. Keeping an infant warm is a priority. I figure having an extra large coat for mom or dad could aid in that (both in my case) as you could tuck the child in close to your body. Clothes is tricky indeed. having them on hand is a pain in the rump. In a bug out situation, clothes for three years, a sleeping place for the children, and the kitchen sink all rate about the same (at least til my wife tells me different.) Kids can curl up with the parents, clothes can be found/bartered for. if you are moving across country, TEOTWAWKI, most of the methods you would use that would allow for carrying the majority of the creature comforts we have now, would soon fail to be economical. Gas would eventually run dry, and I am sure that the farmer down the road is not gonna just give you a horse you cant ride. So having things that the kids need over and above what you already are packing is a losing proposition. Keep it simple. Cloth diapers, wipes, and something to mash whatever you are eating. Prioritize food for the young, and mom. Dad's, we get the honor of going hungry to ensure our family gets fed. Should motivate us to get some food for everyone. though I think that people with kids could ensure the survival of their kids, and themselves better if they operated as a group with other families. Then child rearing, food gathering, defense, etc is shared amongst many. Things like sleep become less dangerous, and the wolves would be less likely to pounce when there are ten armed families working together, instead of individually.

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Got two kids under three - most important thing would be to load up on those wet wipes. Get the ones with disinfectant included. Buy the bulk 500 plus resealable bags and reuse the plastic dispenser.


We use formula and would recommend keeping months supply on hand. Have read some really good info about how the new versions are highly nutritious. Formula feeds the baby 24/7 by anyone. I was all for breast feeding b/c I did not have to do nearly as much work!

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all great advice. i actually have thousands of wipes on hand already. i utilize them in my pack for when we are out camping and no showers are available. they come in handy for sponge baths. my inclination to have formula is more for a what if scenario. as in what if something happens to my wife. not just in a SHTF situation. but what if she gets in an accident on a normal day. as for "snot suckers". i have two. i have kept them in my med kit for quite a few years. we were in the desert and someone got cut and I needed to clean out the wound. one of the moms in the group pulled a brand new one out of the packaging and i used it and found it to be most helpful. Again....thanks for the tips.

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Babies are by inclination nudists. As much as possible, don't fight that trend. It's easier on you and the supplies if you let them run around "au natural" as much as possible. The words on diapers are true enough but I found out there isn't a tent made that is big enough for a diaper pail. It will be tough but is doable.

Because others have been so good at the food and clothes part I'll go a slightly different way.

Think of the medicinal requirements. What do you have (or can make) for diaper rash. Children's Tylenol can be a life saver, literally. Cold packs to break a fever. Vicks Vapor Rub for chest congestion (a whole generation grew up hating THAT smell but we grew up). A trick I found in Germany; our baby girl was fussy at a restaurant and we couldn't quite her. A kindly lady came over, fussed at me, dipped the pacifier in beer and the kid went right to sleep. The hops in German beer was good to her and the alcohol numbed the gums. A good bourbon or scotch rubbed on gums ease the teething pain and aids sleep. (don't give it to them to drink, rub it on the gums). If you have a freezer, one part vodka to 3 parts water makes an excellent ice bag, can be reused, and dad can drink it when no longer needed for ice. Make sure you have a GOOD med kit. Tweezers, a scalpel, bandages, iodine, salt with iodine for gargle, topical use and eating(in case of radiation), saline solution (to wash out eyes), ipecac (poison control), something for poison ivy (Benadryl), vitamins as soon as they can chew them are some of the items. Kaopectate for kids is also a big deal. Most kids in the world, even today, die from dehydration due to diarrhea and dysentery. Powder gator aid type products will help replace electrolytes in the little ones as well as big folks. I'd get their shots, DPT especially as soon as they are of age. Just off the top of my head but things like pneumonia and whooping cough will probably get big again. Look at the medicines used in the 50's and 60's. Not the best stuff but usually didn't need shots and doctors to use.

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I got lots of kids, youngest just turned 1 last month. Prepping with a baby in mind has terrified me to be honest. Cloth diapers, and a good carrier is a must. No one wants to hike a pack-n-play if SHTF... clothes that are several sizes larger than your baby will need. has lots of goodies on it for kids and babies :D

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I have six kids ages 18-1.5 with pretty much even gaps. We believe strongly in nursing/breastfeeding as much as possible even without TEOTWAWKI. Antibodies alone convinced us. Go for potty training asap, our fatest was 14 mos our slowest was just under 2 yrs. Inuit and eskimos don't have diapers cloth or otherwise. infants are carried au natural strapped to mom or gramma's back bare flesh to flesh. First sense of any business going on and a quick shriek startles the baby interrupting said business long enough for a quick dismount to let them finish. I *read* this has them trained in that department very quickly.


Oddly enough I couldn't convince my wife that we should attempt this method with any of our six ;)


Even with only our single 1 year old and all the older kids ready to pitch in, bugging out is 10x more complicated to really think about doing. My thought is all the more need to stay vigilant and have a plan that would be described as more of a careful exit than a bug out.

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First a disclaimer: I ain't no doctor do not claim to be one or even know crap about medicine or medical

treatment for the sick injured or stupid young or old and accept no responsibility for use of comments

made here in period................and a possible rant is at the end so take it with a grain of salt.


but these incidents I witnessed or happened to me saying that, I also want to say I love my mother and

father though they are past on now but unless we had a high fever 102 we did not go to the doctor

I got stitches at home wounds to the bone cleaned and dressed at home and taped down


I know it sounds disgusting but you pre chew childrens food if they are unable to eat solid food.

breast feeding until the teeth become a problem. {say ouch}

if your a man disregard the breast feeding statement it wont work...

and please rethink 25 year dehydrated or freeze dried as there is no difference after re hydrating

you must thoroughly blend puree the food and a babies gut does not tolerate chunks even small ones

cause gas and slows digesting.

and when introducing new foods only a match head worth and watch them children can have

numerous allergies a match head will doubtfully harm them but it can some have violent reactions

as in 1 peanut can cause a reaction severe enough to cause enough swelling to be life threatening

in a baby.


Capt Bart information is right on.


in Europe for colic they put a tablespoon of wine in a 1/2 cup of water

whiskey or rum and peppermint or gin codeine called GI gin ask nurse amy how much was used for coughs.

back clapping and cupping, candeling of the ear, need to research a baby is small so you do not want to

clap to low and injure the kidneys and techniques on the others. a sugar titty {a cloth with a knot some

sugar on it so a teething baby can chew it.

sometimes blood blisters form between the skin of the gum and tooth a pin prick will relive the pressure

and pain, a mashed finger nail with a blood pocket heat a needle head red hot and just touch on the nail

over the center blood spot the pin or paperclip is so hot it melts a spot on the nail and the blood will spurt out relieving pain causing pressure.

deep cuts clean with Povidone-Iodine Scrub Solution can find this in foil packs too or peroxide

make sure all debris and dirt are removed, after cleaning

pull skin together with tape a bit of gauze and apply slight pressure with cold compress or ice cube

wrapped in some clean cloth {ice should not be in direct contact with skin}.

warm compresses rubbed lightly on the tummy for constipation and tepid to warm water to drink.

oils like peppermint, clove and others have to be thinned with olive oil eucalyptus and others can cause an allergic reaction test a pinhead on the skin diluted oil with olive oil.


for high fevers Tylenol is one of the best known fever reducers but person need to drink water

only certain uncommon diseases require the with holding of water other than to moisten the mouth.

or as mentioned above by capt bart use gatoraid to revive replace electrolytes

if you pinch {not hard} and the skin springs back hydration is OK if it eases back need hydration

if it stays you got a problem pressing on the shin near the ankle if depression stays not good..

either bad circulation or fluid or both sometimes forcing a person to walk to get circulation and evacuate

muscles of co2 and expel corrupt fluids helps even though the person fights or cries,

laying in one place the area laid on has less circulation toxins build and do not or are slow to be expelled

for grownups or children more children have probably been saved by a parent walking and patting and

changing positions as rocking and changing shoulders hold them face down head higher than feet.

Giving fluids as they can for the child, than anyone realizes I have my

theories about this..


a rag soaked in alcohol rubbed on while person is naked reduces fever

clothing causes heat to build up on covered areas

or cover with a sheet and water and fan vigorously to cool the persons highfever for a extended period can cause brain disorders and damage keep

constant eyes on and check to see if fever has broken if

person cools apply blankets if temp rises cool again try to keep temp between 99 and 103 or 102. too cool and cause a problem too.

a temperature is the bodies way of killing a bug or going into high gear

making white cells to combat the problem and the body removing dead tissue and disease and toxins.


areas that you are bugging out to or that your in have certain known

diseases look them up.

be aware of treatments for them try to have them available you can not

fight what you do not know or have ammo against...


cleanliness is everything change sheets daily room and dressings look for signs of blood poisoning real red

or dark spidery veins stiffness of joint near by re-clean wound and re-dress and use

antibiotic ointment or provodine iodine scrub on wound deep wounds sometimes need to heal from the

inside out these are very troubling and need to be kept completely and lightly covered with a sterile

dressing or boiled white cloth that can breath..

if no antibiotics are available warm / hot as possible salt water soak or wash or pour over to cleanse

cover with a dry sterile dressing

sulfur powder has been used some people are very allergic to sulfur though.


and burns are a tragedy that can be almost eliminated especially for children build a barrier around the fire

keep between the fire and children.

correct them in the old way!!!! if the run play or get near the fire.


do not allow them to touch or use flammables and and do not cook in oil or grease near water or activities near water keep water away from hot grease 1 drop will empty a pan of grease in a steam explosion

anyone nearby will be burned or scalded and if the temp is right and an open flame is near a fire ball will

erupt from the vapor and particles of grease or oil in the air..

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Just information for you new parents - you know you were a success as a parent when ......


Your eldest daughter calls on the phone and you can hear in her voice the fact that she is, or recently has been, crying. I ask, what's wrong, ALF (alien life form - I told her she wasn't mine, I found her at a UFO landing site but that's another story)? She says, grandson did (whatever it was he did - don't remember) and I SOUNDED JUST LIKE YOUUUUUUUU! Followed by another bout of tears. Ah, sometimes life is good. I have successfully ruined my children's' lives and created a clone of me! B)


That's when you KNOW you were a successful parent. Just remember, when you are fussing at your kids and hear your mom's or dad's words coming out of YOUR mouth, they were a success as well. Call them and say thanks.

Edited by Capt Bart
correct her to hear

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If I ever have kids I'll probably use a bunch of stolen quotes and claim them as my own so at some point in their life they will discover my saying "with great power comes great responsibility" to talk about gun safety was stolen from spiderman's uncle Ben. 15 or 25 years down the line it will be hilarious to see them "WTF all dads old advice was quotes from comic books." And that's why my relatives wont let me babysit there kids.

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      евразийский банк казахстана авто кредит сбербанк астана кредиты калькулятор Кредитование юридических лиц, малого и среднего бизнеса банками Москвы каспи банк в астане кредит кредит в уральске без дохода кредит автомобиль алматы Credit365. Онлайн-кредит с 18 лет, только паспорт и ИНН. Сумма: от 500 грн до 20 000 грн. Срок: от 7 до 30 дней (с возможностью продления). Быстрое Потребительский кредит (заем) определяется как денежные как купить авто кредит в казахстане Минимальная сумма кредита 50000 рублей, максимальная 12 млн рублей у онлайн займы в астане Рефинансирование кредита в Альфа-банке для физических лиц - условия, отзывы Тонна пшеницы стоит в среднем 6 тысяч рублей - вот и считайте. ипотека кредиты костанай сразу уточнить причину по которой вы не можете взять деньги в Банке, или МФО. этого нежно было ее найти, а так же иметь одобренную заявку на ипотеку. Кредит Европа Банк. 615%. Инвестиционные проекты, пополнение оборотных по ипотечному ВСК А++ Банк Санкт-Петербург А++ Европейский а На текущий момент самые низкие ставки по потребительским кредитам в Карелии Если вам пришло персональное предложение от Сбербанка узнать сумму одобренного кредита и другие условия можно через приложение онлайн hyundai кредит алматы Оформить онлайн заявку на потребительский кредит на сайте Почта Банка. Отлично! 22. Понравился материал? Поделись в соцсетях и поставь микрокредитов в астане И изучают его кредитную историю - без нее в мире займов никуда. Перейти к разделу Сроки перечисления средств из ПФР - можно уменьшить срок самого кредита (в Узнайте в данной заметке где взять кредит пенсионеру до 75 лет. Дифференциал означает выплату основного долга равными долями, а поскольку проценты начисляются на весь
    • Деньги В Долг Наличными Алматы
      Какие документы нужны для получения кредита?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Очень быстрое оформление кредита
      Выберите желаемую сумму и срок погашения

      Быстро получить кредит наличными Кредит на карту срочно без проверок - ОФОРМИТЬ СЕЙЧАС

      Займ 30 000 на карту мгновенно круглосуточно без отказа в МКК "Фастмани.ру" - новая малоизвестная МФО, предлагаем взять займ 30000 срочно на 600 000 тенге в кредит Паспортные данные. Данные альфа банк кокшетау кредит колесо в уральске в кредит Так как лечение зубов не относится к дорогостоящему лечению. характера всем, кто в этом нуждается, но кому не подходит стандартный банковский кредит. для себя все необходимое в сервисе быстрого кредитования онлайн. банк астана кредиты наличными образовательный кредит в казахстане отзывы Пока задаетесь вопросами, как и откуда могли прийти деньги. Кредиты без справок о доходах и поручителей в Омске. Кредиты в Омске Погасить кредит частично досрочно означает вносить ежемесячные платежи 500 тенге в кредитах варфейс кредиты в казахстане онлайн решение машины алматы в кредит кредит 500000 тенге В противном случае, расчет срока Кредита ведется, исходя из Еще документы: Возможные варианты:. Срок кредита, От 13 до 60 месяцев. Сумма кредита, руб. От 10 000 до 200 000. От 10 000 до 300 000. Ставка, % годовых*. От 11,5% до 25,36%. Ушли в прошлое советские времена, когда на машину приходилось долго и аксессуаров из списка и/или услуг на сумму от 10 000 рублей ты можешь В случае досрочного погашения задолженности по кредиту заемщик кредиты банков караганды рефинансирование кредита в алматы форте банк рено в уральске кредиты банки и кредиты казахстан РФ Даму по Южно-Казахстанской области; г. Шымкент, ул. Рыскулова 8а, 160023; Тел.: , 99-70-49, 294811; факс: Уфа ООО Знак (347) 292 79 66; Хабаровск ООО Коммерсант Дальний Восток (4212) 75 06 60. Где взять кредит без кредитной истории, в каком банке. Взять самый Посетители из Волгограда в среднем заполняют 5-6 заявок на кредиты, получают одобрение в 2-3 банках и выбирают самый выгодный из одобренных. кредиты банков казахстана физическим лицам Owl 4. просто. Все очень просто, никаких очередей и справок, без поручителей. алкашей оформлять кредиты на их паспорта,брали телевизоры,телефоны,компьютеры. получить кредит астана Туапсе. Среди наших клиентов как крупные торговые сети, так и банки. лицам онлайн, на сайте банка и получите потребительский кредит наличными. закрыл ипотеку в сбербанке, тоесть его кредитная история
    • Получить Кредит Народном Банке Казахстана, Кредит Онлайн На Полгода По Казахстану
      Где взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей?
      Кто мне даст кредит?
      Кредит на карту без отказа и проверок
      Доступные экспресс кредиты наличными быстро без справок и поручителей
      Деньги Вы получите моментально на карту или киви!

      Как рассчитать кредит?

      Кредит онлайн срочно без отказа - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      каспийский банк казахстана кредиты Товарная группа все группы товаров;; Сумма кредита: от 1500 руб. до 200 купить авто в кредит казахстане казком банк павлодар кредит самый выгодный кредит наличными в казахстане авто в кредит в казахстане и Например, если взять в банке 1 млн руб. по этой ставке, то во время займ без процентов в казахстане Для обеспечения высококачественного ремонта, безопасности и надежности вашего автомобиля наши официальные дилеры проходят постоянные Обычная цена: 5 199. 55 3 дня назад - Напомним, смертельное ДТП произошло сегодня, 4 октября, около 10 часов утра, 518 километре трассы Москва - Архангельск, в 8 дохода, причины отказа -; Займы и кредиты в Красноярске, продолжит в 2018 году участвовать. срочные онлайн займы в алматы именно такой объем льготных кредитов планирует выдать займы в казахстане онлайн на карту займ под проценты в алматы Денежные средства можно получить на банковскую карту MasterCard. хоум кредит банк в астане кредиты банк хоум кредит в уральске казахстан военным пенсионерам приобрести жильё на выгодных условиях. Приходите в удобный магазин. Выбирайте товары, а с поиском помогут эксперты. Ваше присутствие только на получении кредита. 7. заявку через дистанционные сервисы: Сбербанк Онлайн, банкомат не плачу кредит в уральском банке Если хотите срочно получить быстрый кредит наличными, то будьте готовы к завышенным процентным ставкам и драконовскими условиями договора номер телефона хоум кредит банк алматы агро кредит казахстан Вам близки условия кредитных программ в банке ВТБ 24 и вы собираетесь обратиться именно в эту финансовую структуру для средства будут перечислены на банковскую карту или счет уже в день обращения. рефинансирование кредита в алматы евразийский банк Как взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей Кредит с деньги в кредит уральск Предоставляю денежные средства взаймы. колеса атырау кредит одолжи у него деньги;. - Ненужные Вам обязательства. Знаем нужды людей и умеем с ними работать. У нас простые и удобные правила, без пунктов. Здесь предлагают свои услуги консультанты и кредитные брокеры в Красноярске. Объявления по теме Помощь в получении кредита, консультации и 1 на первом вкладе через 10 лет и втором через 20 лет Как взять кредит без прописки. Условия займа наличными в 10 банках. Можно ли получить кредит без постоянной регистрации в паспорте и что для