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Body harness,any uses,maybe?.

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Uses for a harness:


Other than whats its designed to do... the material straps on the harness are very strong and can be used to wrap around just about anything you wanna pull on the ground, lower down (from a roof, cliff, tree) or pull up.


First thing that came to mind was to use it in the practice of selective cutting (Forestry), to hold in place and lower down whatever it is you cut.

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A few "outside the box" thoughts on using abody harness based on the 1 I have for when working construction...


You can use it to harness yourself to a wagon or travois. This will leave your hands free for grabbing handholds or carrying your "tools".

They can be used as a game drag, or you can wear the harness and hook the drag line to it to leave your hands free.

It can be used to lower injured people from upper elevations or used to improvise a "buddy carry" for an injured family member/friend/etc.

To me, anything can find a use, just depends on the cost (mine was free from the company I worked for at the time) and your ability to imagine as many uses it can be improvised or adapted for.

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