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A big factor for me when buying clothing or gear is what is it made of and what are the properties of that material. For example I know cotton is very breathable, doesn't dry quickly, burns and isn't waterproof. Well wool is a warmer fabric, will still insulate when wet, dries faster then cotton, and smolders instead of burns. Gortex is a water proof fabric, little insulation, melts instead of burns, breathable. etc...

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wrangler jeans worn one handed pistol load using rear sight snag jeans shove down making sure nothing is in

the way of the muzzle and wala you have charged the pistol why you say well sometimes your off hand is

busy and like learning to operate a pump shotgun with one hand its a drill to extend your confidence if one

hand is injured and familiarity.

BDU shirt cotton / rip stop 2 or 4 pocket

gore tex socks BDU nylon belt with water resistant boots

the BDU shirt I like either 2 or 4 pocket you can use 3M scotch guard do not do the sides about 4 inches

wide or under the arms or inside the shirt or under the collar in other words hang the shirt on a wide hangar

like a plastic or wood for a suit jacket pin the inside center center of sleeve to side of shirt and spray well

but do not saturate....

a cover depending on weather a nomex hood or any quality hat cover can strain water through it with some

paper can remove water from fuel collect berries psych out opposition and keep bugs from eating your


a head net is always a good idea face cover up bug deterring in the field as everyone knows insects are

the most annoying and possibly the most dangerous as in bees and disease ridden critters malaria and

west Nile among others.

shirt tucked and pants inside socks and taped helps with ticks getting sick anytime is a drag...

strutting around like a Kenyan game ranger shorts long socks and ankle shoes I do not call them boots and a short sleeve shirt does not afford the protection required in the field if it were not so our military would

dress like a day at the beach.......

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