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sellier & bellot ammo

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It is made in the Czech republic and is great ammo. I have used it for years without a single misfire or misfeed. Great prices too. i actually prefer their 9mm and 45 ball ammo over anything else I can get. Not too many places sell it around here anymore... dont know why...

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Thanks for the input. Your right Ready finding it local just is'nt happening will probably have to order on line. Have never done that with ammunition before so will see how much of a hassle it is.

I've done it several times and it is not really a hassle as long as there is someone to sign for it. I have mine shipped to a mailbox store. It is shipped with a big ORM-D (Other Regulated Material - class D) just like black powder. It is interesting the gun stores around here can't stock black powder (too explosive don't you know) but the local mail box store can sign for it until I come to pick it up. Laws are strange things.

Modern ammo is straight forward, there is usually an extra shipping charge for black powder because there is a weight limit on how much can be packed in a single shipment. Usually related to how much you can have on a commercial aircraft. Hope this helps.

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the brass on shot gun shells now are not brass but brass plated and will rust

seeing how I do not reload them I don't care if I wanted pretty ammo I would buy LAPAUA

but kept in an ammo can with some rust proof paper last for many years.


the rim gets a little chewed if you cycle it in and out of the chamber but that's to be expected


i like the clear tube can see what it is i believe it is made from a fiocchi hull


and keep considering that shotgun its not my favorite gun but it is the most versatile

and can take all game chi chi birds to elephants

and get a 12 ga 870 remington express why because they have the most accessories

extra express barrels all fit and a scope mount and a good scope

it all steel dual action bars push button safety I hate a tang slide safety.

there have only been a zillion made so parts are not a problem but I have never seen one

broken that was not abused or resembled improperly you can go to gun shows and find them reasonably

priced and get 2 for the price of one of these so called combat shotguns which are made of aluminum

might be lighter but it will kick harder..


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Thanks Snake for the input on the brass. I did find some at a local shop bought 10 rnds. to try. I agree about the casing though look like fiocchi's. as far as a shotguns heck i'm shotgun poor got dads old westernfield 12 ga., ithica 37 20 ga. had since i was 6yrs old, and mossburg 500 spx. I like reading your posts they make think back to better days when i was a kid. back then as long as i had gun, dog, and a fishing hole to go to didn't care what the rest of the world did.

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yea silverwolf55


wish I was back again the only person i worried about was the game warden.


he would come to our fish fry's we liked him, but sometimes we just found a good honey hole or

got a full trot line and I was not one for wasting good fish.


but all our neighbors had cookouts with fish or wild game or fresh slaughtered we would help butcher

and wrap and the excess would be cooked on the pit with chicken and sausage pinto beans and

corn on cob all the women had their best baked goods I am at an age now where if there were the

choice of a beautiful woman or pan of fresh yeast rolls, well you can hardly get in trouble eating

yeast rolls.


the only thing about S&B buck shot in #4 one has 21 and the other 27

pellets not much of a difference but just something to look for.

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