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for a pistol the micro vault is great you do not want a key between you and your weapon

not to mention it can be locked loaded ready to go with extra mags nothing personal but my wife could not find her keys if they were stuck in her forehead if you have ever misplaced or leave your keys across the room or in a purse go with the micro vault and bolt it to the bed frame or where ever is opportune for you.



for other guns or an alternative


these can be bolted to bed frames or on a wall with a piece of plate metal for shotguns

they have them for rifles


here is a great lock for a couple of reasons has a key with a light the key is odd shaped for easy find

Hi vis orange for low light sturdy no case to get in the way cases suck

and it is cheap and works and is legal for all states as a child prevention deterrent.

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I don't know the ages of your little ones....But the first thing you want to do if they are old enough to explore is satisfy their couriousity. Let them touch the unloaded guns and talk to them about what they are for.....also impress on them that they are not to play with them. The NRA has the Eddie Eagle program for kids .... you might want to check it out. When you have the opportunity to go to the range .... take them with you and if possible pop some water bottles or cans of pop so they will be impressed with the distructive power of the guns. PS be sure to have ear plugs for them too.

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