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Between Stock Market Worries,Fuel,Food,what do you get

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A heart attack,hypertantion,ulcers,smoking more,drinking more,hell we are making the doctors rich,my family in spain have a diesel fuel mini van,diesel is widely available in Europe, is often cheaper than gasoline, and diesel cars get great milage. You might try renting or leasing a diesel on your vacation to save fuel cost. A small turbo diesel will accelerate like a champ and can get more than 50 miles to a gallon of fuel. Modern European diesel cars aren't your grandfathers smelly, black-cloud beltching diesels; you probably won't know you're not driving a gasoline car,but gov regulations favor corporate

america,and we help by buying their junck,they also have scooters,go to the store for

fresh food everyday on the way home from work,solar panels for app,small stuff,canning and baking is a family affair,and they vacation every year and eat at home,no fast food,no fancy clothes,cell phones,no dish/cable tv,you see, a different mentallity.My grandfather

use to said that(If you wanted to survived,you had to sacrified).

Now for those who are thinking of storing food for the SHTF event,you better have the room.

and money.

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I thinking having a hear's supply of food, clothing, etc, is the bare minimum a family would need to be able plan for an uncertain future. We routinely rotate through our "food storage" as we store only what we normally eat, and we do rotate in the emergency style freeze dried foodstuffs as well, so, that when a crisis occurs, be it personal to the family or regional/national, we do not notice a change. I believe the biggest mistake people make in preparing for emergencies is in assuming it is going to be SchumerHTf scenario or cataclysmic event. Most of the time, those "emergencies" will come our way in terms of loss of employment, medical emergencies resulting in long term financial deficits.

Each person or family must decide for themselves which way they choose to go and live with the consequences of their actions, be they positive or negative ones. And yes we made "having the room" or logisitical space a priority. Merely "surviving"

is not something we choose to do.

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