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I've seen at least one other member from Ohio..I need to find a person who would permit me to hunt on the land they own. I live in Cleveland, meaning no shooting period. Anytime I wanna plink it's off to the range to pay by the hour to shoot (extra for large calibers and shotguns) and if I want to's off to salt fork (123 miles away) and any Ohio hunter knows if it's deer season, your probably not gonna see one.


No rifle use in Ohio for deer, muzzle and shotgun only..5 whole days of shotgun hunting, less for muzzleloaders, while the archers get six months..I think I need to save for a bow.


Anyway, if there's any ohioan's out there that don't mind having someone hunt their land, I'd gladly help out on the land with any work that needs to be done.

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