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Four Tools for Survival

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I would have to go with;


1. My SAK huntsman model, I like having the saw on this model and the scissors are surprisingly sturdy for little folders.

2. Leatherman Wave...No frills and individual locking is a huge plus.

3. My Helle Eggen(though I haven;'t gotten to use it much) or my Gerber Profile(solid little knife)

4. Kabar Kukri (not particularly reserved to the Kabar model, although I like kabar. I just really like the Kukri.)



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1. I have a hook blade folder (unknown maker)

2. Leatherman Wave (love it, my EDC)

3. I have a custom made bush/fighting knife my wife got me a couple of years ago. ( She calls it my "Man Jewlery". Gotta love a woman that gives you "Jewlery") It is a full tang 3/8" thick 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" blade knife. Has a 3/4" window punch/lanyard knub. Had a friend braid me 30' 550 cord lanyard for it.

4. Basic camp Hatchet. Have it already and would like to upgrade.

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Guest survival101

1. Parry Knife

2. Compass

3. Firesteel

4.If a Go Berkey counts as a tool, count that. If not, a folding shovel.


Oh excuse me I misread the instructions:


1. Gerber Survival Knife

2. Machete

3. Leatherman Multi tool

4. Gerber folding knife.

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For a week?


Leatherman Wave

Esee 6

Esee light machete

Gransfers Bruks small forest axe


I'd really like to add a folding fillet knife or 4" Rapala for processing game & fish, especially cutting thin strips to dry like Jerky' but I could do it with the fine edge blade on the Leatherman or even the Esee 6. A shovel would be nice but I could get by without it for the weight. I'm probably to heavy on large cutting tools but I'm ok with that. Really the Leatherman handles anything I'd truly need in a small tool and the others are more useful for processing wood and building shelter. I should probably take out the Esee 6 and sub in a smaller fixed blade since I have the larger cutting tools but it's tough and carries the Leatherman in it's sheath pocket. In real life my BOB rotates the large cutting tool, once the weeds start getting tall in spring I put in the Esee machete, and when they die in the fall I switch to the GB axe. The other goes in the auxillary box I'd take in the truck.

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cold steel bushman


Because it is also a SOLID spear can be hammered through wood like a slpiter on a short shaft a OK machete


swiss army explorer


for the tweezers magnifier for a secondary fire starter can opener awl etc.


Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack


it is a multitool also has a fire starter and has a file for a sharpener


gerber gator combo hatchet with saw


as long as I had a fire starter


medium weight hatchet has a wood saw with a decent handle


as far as reality

a long stainless saw back machete

swiss army knife explorer /the one with magnifier

cold steel bushman

and a fiberglass handle /polymer handle single bit axe

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I would take an AR-7 survival rifle and ammo. It fires a 22 lr and breaks down and everything is stored in the waterproof stock making it easy to carry. It can kill small game and provide some protection from animals and humans.


A Tom Brown Tracker knife. It does many jobs besides just cutting. It’s a good general knife.


I don’t know it this is a ‘tool’, but I’d take a spool of paracord because of the many uses.


Lastly, I’d take a Bug Out Bag so I could carry the other three items while keeping my hands free.

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1/ Cold steel Voyager.
2/ Leatherman Wave.
3/ Nepal made Kukri, Fallkniven A1, or home made chisel point armour steel knife. Hard to choose.
4/ Estwing axe.

If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.
In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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A lot of this has to do with the location Kansas the desert region parts of Utah north and south Dakota as well as others


A double bit ax is a paper weight so a pruning hook may be an alternative stacked thatched grasses may be your main


building resource or sod so the tools I need would work poorly in those areas.


A pocket knife will not replace a large one in my area I would choose


Swiss Army Explorer plus with magnifier


medium size bowie 7 to 10 inch blade full tang or the cold steel bushman


AX with a couple of wedges


military shovel or a Short spade with handle and this would depend on if I intend to use it as an alternative weapon.


this is a consideration if your toting a 308 and a couple hundred rounds in a long term situation your going to run out


and need an alternative weapon.


in the plains where there are few trees a square point shovel with a long handle is my choice as a spade has a curved cut


not optimal for cutting square sod blocks and my choice is short, so I loose leverage as well as comfort for long sessions of cutting sod


and it takes a lot of sod to build a sod house.


anyone that thinks they are going to build a log cabin watch little house on the praire they had to go get lumber in a wagon with horses


with leather halters and reigns with iron fittings with spoke wheels and axles LMAO if you do not know how to divide a circle


make harness and hand work jointery as well as forge a wheel ring tap it hot and shrink it to hold your wood wagon wheel together.


LMAO ahhhahhhha


it took hundreds of years to go from carts to Conestoga wagons and our wagons had very unique changes but due to Hollywood


the last hundred years of history has been bastardized to where people think that Chines machine guns were common on a battlefield


or a cutlass was used in a cavalry charge and like above little house on the prairie lived in a wood plank home had a wagon horses


harness as well as the rest and did not have a farm he had to travel to find work? Really so the blind girl and the other morons had to farm


OH NO they grew daisy's what a crock of sh*t.


that is why I do not watch hert warming crap the only heart warming in the real world is when the natives burn you at the stake


at least back in the day when we caught them we strung them up now we build castles with huge fences and pay thousands of dollars a


Month to keep them separate from your wives and kids while your grandma and grandpa eat pet food because they cannot afford real food.


because the pie is split to thin and those that paid for the pie are not even getting day old crust.

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Does anyone have any experiences with that Cold Steel trenching tool? I've been thinking about one of those. I also like the smaller axes and have several but they are a pain to carry and only good for one thing where a Kukri with a three stage edge can do all sorts of things from chopping (not as good as an ax) splitting wood, (actually works well on small stuff), Digging, skinning, I use them as draw knives and that helps for making a lot of things.


If Zombies are involved of even just for intimidation in non-gun confrontations a cutlass machete or a Katana machete is hard to beat. They also chop, slice and dice and split wood pretty well and dig some too.


As you pointed out, what you need is VERY dependent on where you are and what sort of environments you are going to try and survive in. I'll tell you a GOOD trenching tool can be a real asset in a lot of places but we all sort of overlook them.


A saw can be a great addition in some areas. I have a saw-n-a-can that is light and works surprisingly well if you don't expect it to be a chain saw. I also have a 3n1 folding saw that weighs almost nothing and works well.


Let me tell you, in an urban environment I will LOVE my Fubar!! Jacking open doors and such or just tearing them down, opening excels at small destruction and mayhem.


A pole ax has a lot going for it both as a weapon...if they just weren't so bulky and unhandy to carry. I like the junior version in the various hawks and hatchets with a poll. To me a Hawk has a few things over a hatchet and also a few minuses. The hawk can easily be slipped off the handle and used as a knife for skinning and such and making a new handle isn't a big deal. they chop a little, don't expect them to chop down trees but for camps fires they do pretty well. The hatchet has more heft and is better designed for chopping. Until I got the Kabar Kukri a hawk held that spot on my list. If I am carrying a hawk that means that I also have some paracord because I always wrap the handles.


Brands are a matter of personal preference. The big thing it that they be made of good quality steel and heavy enough to take a bit of a beating. I like the multi function tools and for me there is a bit of overlap between my Leatherman and my Victorinox Trecker. Both have blades and small saws along with various other useful goodies. I always turn at least on the the flat tip screwdriver blades into a wood chisel.


It isn't a pocket item but I think that a strong walking stick is a MUST. I carry a 6' shepherds hook with a long wrap of paracord over duct tape and, brass wire, monofilament hooks, tiny weights, needles and spider wire. I'm also working on a braided paracord sling for when I don't want to carry it. The bottom end has already been shaped to fit the cold steel bushman and I understand that their trenching tool uses the same taper. I feel that this and a bushman will give me a pretty good chance to get by. I have a cloth pouch that has a fire kit and a few little things for comfort like a poncho and space blanket.


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The only way I see an ax can be carried is upside down along side the pack and a machete on the off side and other stuff to balance the load


nothing worse than fighting an cockeyed load another reason I had considered a mule or donkey and a cart a few tools and camp gear are a


load in themselves.


To many fishing and hunting trips have made me very aware it is impossible to carry everything in a pack so your friend carries the other stuff


like the beer and Ice food and minnows his chair and poles lalalala and we still miss something.

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I"d take my 2 qt canteen cup lid, haftable as a machete. My small visegrip with a couple of Silky saw blades( wood) and a couple of Dewalt sawsall metal cutting blades.  My leatherman Signal, and my chisel hawk. The latter is made from a cold chisel, with a welded on hilt that lets me haft it in just a few seconds. It's got a screwdiver/chisel hilt, that's threaded for a wingnut. Drive the hilt thru a 1 1/4" hunk of sapling or limb and the hawk is ready. The can opener of the Signal is altered to be a scoop-hook knife.  It has an awl, a short saw blade and the flat screwdriver can be sharpened for use as a chisel. It's also got a knife sharpener and a ferrro rod, as does the canteen cup (as hingepins for the lid). I also carry a short  3 cornered file for use with the vise-grip. Carrying big blades is legal trouble in many areas.  The cold chisel-hawk, used with a baton, can cut fences, hinges, hasps, bolts, nuts, etc. It can cut mortises and similar wood-chisel type work, too.  It's a bit too narrow for ease of use/safety for using in "limbing", so if much of that is required, it will be time to haft the cup-lid. The cup-lid, until sharpened, will pass thru any sort of customs-search. :-)

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