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Much higher food prices in 1 month!!

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I know how to make starter but as long as cheap bread in under 2 bucks it is not worth making it as I don't

use much n fact I take about half out freeze the rest and take it as I need it.


it's too damn hot to bake bread in the cool season but when your trying to keep down the electric bill

running AC on one side and baking bread on the other is wasteful unless you do it in an outside oven.

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buried within this article:

corn supplies lowest in 17 years

soybean supplies lowest in 32 years


Now think about this: soybean is very heavily used in Asia and we're the biggest supplier. Food riots possible??

Our govt. is expecting food prices to go up 3-5%. Anybody believe these numbers?? I sure don't!!


I came up from seeing my husband yesterday and have never seen the land so bonedry! There was dust everywhere. By the time I came home I had to brush my teeth because my mouth was covered with dust.


Keep prepping, do something every single day!

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I do something everyday I bitch abut our governments blindness to any problems has Mitt made mention of the


strategic reserve as in we don't have one any more or the wars he harps on jobs and I am not against that


but we do not live in a flat world one problem fixed is not going to get us there even if we were all working


unless we make enough to out pace inflation {they do not consider food or fuel in the inflation index}


food up 4% gas is up 10% health care is up 25% cable TV is up 2% and the life cycle of all our appliances is


less than 7 years home owners insurance and car insurance is up vehicles and equipment costs


and car parts and repairs are going up so even if you make double you still cannot afford


to live the political fools see only a sliver of any problem it is everything I wish it were just food


some clothing has gone up about 10% because of cotton prices all I can say is we are getting


squeezed out of the middle class and will be in the poor house soon.

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