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308 Win. Glaser Blue 130gr. Safety Slug Ammo/SAFTEY SLUG AMMO

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I have been searching for deals on ammo for the .308 and found the Saftey slug..yep in a .308also??


The cost is steep/but can see the use of it in a closed situation,but cant see useing it(.308) in a closed situation.


Has anyone used these Before??

Please advise!!

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I would not unless it was the only means of defense I had


Glaser is great for what it is but you cannot make a mistake with it the shock / trauma to the body

even a normal flesh wound would more than likely be fatal.

A man shot himself some years ago and died from a foot wound with a pistol version of glaser ammo.


snipers used to swear by them but you need to practice with them they shoot different like any other ammo.

and that gets expensive.

they are good in hostage situations in side where hard surfaces may cause a ricochet or over penetration

would injure or kill some one like a beta entry team going into a public place or a place with children.

in a open public area etc.

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