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Canning/Garden Goodies

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SO you have worked your Butt off planting and weeding and watering in the Garden!!

Watching and waiting for the REWARDS!!


Ok so now what??

I know it only July and things here are just now coming on,BUT I noticed that canning supplys are starting to go up in price already.


Are you ready to put everything you grow under a lid??Do you have the Rings and NEW lids already??


Do you have enough JARS???????????


Have you tested your canner and the seal??????


I would not like to find out my canner has a leak when I have gotten a bushel of Tomatos washed and ready!


Or have my chow chow ready and no place to put it.


WHY ask NOW?? Because there is still 100k people without power in WVa.

A family I talked to LOST 500 dollars worth of food from the FREEZER ALONE.That was his back up,from hunting and they froze the Vegies from last year!!

Now its gone..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So what ever plan you have,Remember What a WISE man said"ONE IS NONE AND TWO IS ONE".....


I just was given 30 more jars,and inspected the rings I have and going after some lids this week.Do I think 100 jars are enough??

NOT realy!!


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