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Are headed down the same path????

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A friend of mine is married to a Greek women. They go to Greece every summer, to a little village thank god in the middle of nowhere. Today he emailed me this link, with the words "my god it is worse than you could know".


at the time i recieved his email i was reading this article............


This path can not be good.

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The problem, we are not being told the truth


the good paying jobs are not as numerous as they once were all the news of great jobs are never where you live.

older people who have lost their good job and insurance retirement and other perks if they can find another one it is for minimum wage with no benefits.

after they have run out of unemployment benefits looking for a job that can pay the bills.

but having to make a living they take whatever they can get.

these people are not listed on the unemployment rolls because they have a job even if they cannot pay their bills and are loosing everything and forced to take food stamps try paying on a 400 dollar or more car payment.

on a minimum wage job and pay everything else too and put food on the table.

people who have run out of unemployment benefits are not on the rolls of the unemployed and have no other choice but get food stamps and try to hang on untill they can get something going.


Now there are parameters I hear on huckabe where you could have a car LMAO how far do you have to go down

as far as I know you need a address to get benefits but they made an issue of if you owned your home well

it would be stupid to move from a place you owned and can barley make it to rent and then you really could not

make it these folks do not think even huckabe whom I used to respect untill this stupidity.

I know people who own their homes and have to pay 5 thousand a year in taxes then fees OH yea like you own something in America B.S. we are being taxed to death at least every where else they get something for

their taxes here we get nothing talk about the oblivious rich huckabe needs to come live in my world.


One of my neighbors owns their house a wood frame small house 40 years old and he and her paid in for years

and because they are married they neither get their full SS now they paid separate but now that it's time to collect and that is all they get the government cuts it by about half well that is not the contract we had with them.

They keep screwing us and taxing us we go taxes on your phone on your electric bill your home 50 cents a gallon on fuel you use everything but food and some of that too and still they cannot pay the bills.


the government takes over half of everyones pay in one way or another and they are still broke if any one needs to tighten their belt it is Them not us we have paid and paid and were promised and yet they crayfish

on every deal I know people that have paid property tax and do not have sewer or water that is promised to them for doing so.


Watch out what your being told to accept because there is always a hook attached if youwant to go back to the good old days where family moved in with you or lived in poor houses debtors prisons and now they are trying to attach your home if you do not pay your medical bills in full LMAO you got to watch these rat b@stards with

both eyes and even then like a magician they will still slicker you.

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I don't understand what rioting is supposed to accomplish??? You burn down your town, tear up streets, fight against the local cops and for what??/ It's not like they're the ones in charge or can change anything.


I understand frustration and desperation, but I don't understand wanton destruction.


But I do believe it's coming here pretty soon.

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Its already here...just has not been REPORTED yet..

Oh wait,Everything is fine,Walmart is still open,gas is still only costing $3.09,I can morgage my home for another $5000 to pay for a trip to Disney to show I love my KIDS.I can still purchase a new Iphone and data plan!!!


No one is yelling Fire even if it is Hot and smokey,dont want to scare the sheep!!!


40pluss years ago when the Left/BLACK Panther Party turned Detroit into a battle Field they thought well we will get it Rebuilt??


Did NOT Happen!!!!

Wont Happen...

Im a Bigot/I hate stupid.....

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Mattie-WHERE, is gas at $3.09??? We could use that kind of break on pricing here in Utah. Here it varies from $3.65 down to $3.24 the lowest I found today on

I do believe that in certain demographic-metro areas of cthis country-"Athens style" food riots and other excuses will be

used to develop serious civil unrest to allow a certain person to try and exercise an "executive order" to suspend the

November elections.

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Gas $3.09 on the Va. Wva. Border!!


Malcom,I have already posted many times my beleif that "barry'' will NOT let the elections happen!!He and them are ALL IN,everything counts on it,never again will the commies have a chance to do it again!!


I have been waiting and watching/talking to family in other states/friends/Vets!!


It may not look pretty soon..

OH WAIT..Janet just was given MORE POWER by an exective order(last Friday) to handle ALL Communaction public and private"Just In Case" something happen...


Ok so Im a chess player...You move the Queen I notice !!!!!Its a 5 move game and everything IS being put in Place...

Lord God help Us...

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