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Mylar Question

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Does anybody know if the "seal" only function on a vacuum sealer would work on Mylar bags???


I don't want to ruin my machine if they stick or otherwise gum it up, but hate to spend another $100 or so just to seal the bags.

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Femvet, I kinda sneak the little womans iron out and use a 2' level to

for a surface to seal the bag. I wasn't going to pay a hunerd dollas for

an clamp iron. I heat the iron up on high, after filling the mylar bag while

in the BPA free bucket, I drop in some O2 absorbers and a hand warmer

and squeeze what air I can out then lay the aluminum level across the bucket

top and fold the mylar bag over the level and iron it shut. A person can go and

buy a 10 dollar iron and a 6 dollar 1 or 2 foot level and come out much better

than buying one of the sealers, and the way I described works!


We use the vacuum sealer for jerky and meats that would freezer burn also

used the sealer to put away hard candy. Suck out the air and droped the

vacuum bags in the mylar bags and stored that in the BPA containers.


I know that's NOT what you asked but just offering some insight.

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the heat sealing strip works usually on the lighter weight (mil thickness) mylar bags .... it tends to vary per brand and age/usage hours of the vac sealer ..... you shouldn't rely on the pencil thin heat seal however .... using a clothes iron, set on the "wool" setting, expand the heat seal to about an inch ....


after opening the factory packed bag exposing your 02 absorbers, you have approx 15 minutes of "open air" time ..... the vac sealer can really help in getting a fast seal on the small 1/2 gallon bags .... if well organized you can do 45 bags in that 15 minute period

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