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Hi there..


I just want to share something about one of the survival bags. The Harsh Bag.


The ‘Hazmat’ or ‘Harsh Bag’ is designed to allow you to survive in case of a NBC – nuclear, biological or chemical attack. Toxins or radioactive substances are present in the air either from a dirty bomb or other air/water agent deployed. A chemical reactor could have exploded. Whatever the reason, there are many dangers that can occur and you are at risk quite quickly.


While not something people like to consider on a day to day basis, the threat of such an attack is always present.Your Hazmat/Harsh Bag will should include


● Rubber gloves

● Hazmat Suit

● N95 Mask

● Adult Diaper

● Gas Mask


All of these objects come together to form a separate environment for your body and allow you to survive extremely hazardous regions. The rubber gloves protect your hands and ensure an effective seal over the hazmat suit where you may be lifting or moving objects that could damage your suit. The Hazmat suit will protect the entirety of your body from radioactive substances and biological weapons or threat. The N95 mask and gas mask will ensure the air you breathe is clean and safe. The Adult diaper will ensure that you can excrete safely without having to leave the safety of your suit

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