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What's in Your Pockets?

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I have always tried to "have with me" essentials, even before I knew it was called "EDC"...


My typical EDC:


Gerber Hinderer CLS



Browning Alpha pocket flashlight

Bic disposable lighter

USB jump drive

On a keyring:

Leatherman Squirt

Button compass

Exotac Nanostriker

Orange Marine whistle

Compact Zebra pen

Streamlight Nanolight

On belt:


Kubotan w/ Gerber Shard & keys

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I have 2 different EDC set ups


At work: Wallet, Streamlight TLR-2, Streamlight microstream LED penlight, Kershaw Shallot, trauma shears, Spacepen, Cell phone, lighter (I dont smoke)


Off duty: Wallet, Streamlight TLR-2, Kershaw Shallot, Spacepen, Cell phone, lighter (I dont smoke), S&W Bodyguard 380 with Hornady Critical Defense rounds, I carry a total of 3 magazines.

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Oi! Gerber lock blade, pepper spray, cell phone, wallet, surefire lx2, bandana, keys. Riggers belt, pistol, and spare mag.


I work out of my truck (plumber) so my tools and Jump bag, (get home bag, the initials give the wrong impression) are always nearby.

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Iphone 4

altoids tin: with Mini swiss army knife, 2 bandaids, 1 neosporin single, 1 hydro cortisone single, 3 advil and 3 benadryl in a small baggie, chapstik, small bic lighter, P-51 can opener, 1 single edge razor blade, 1 cut down pen and 1 small pencil, 2 sigle sheets of small paper, mossberg mini light with 100,000 hour battery

in right pocket: smith a wesson SWAT folder

On the belt: leatherman wave and a small cheap led flashlight

lucky coin inside my wallet

on keys: whistle, small flat multisize scewdriver, flashdrive, waterproof pill bottle with misc person meds

the truck has everything else including my GHB/GOOD bag

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Two set;s of car and house key's.

Cell phone charger to plug in computer.1 surefire flashlight

Small swiss army knife,1 Bench made auto, 1 mircotech out the frunt blade

finger nail clippers,small med bottle with one of everything i take, wallet.

eye glasses case.

What i have with me- Watch,S&W M&P 357 sig 3 mag's. Another stream ligth light, S&W 642 ANKLE holster

pepper spray, and a KEL-TEC PF 9 3 mag's.

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EDC: Leatherman Wave, Surefire Micro, 2.5 folder, Chapstick, iPhone 4 with flashlight, compass apps, Bic lighter (don't smoke) and the will to survive!

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As a traveling I.T. Professional, I always have my Laptop bag with me, by Targus post-2256-13851497985892_thumb.jpg

At any time of the day, have these tools on me or in the bag. A Stanely screwdriver set, 2 different needles nose plyers, Star and Hex driver, tiny Phillips, magnetic Phillips, Magnesium fire starter, waterproof match carrier, with 10 waterproof matches and mirror, tiny 2" blade, 10 LED flashlight, Scissors, couple Pens post-2256-13851497986335_thumb.jpg

And my Cell Phone, Wallet etc.

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My "personal" EDC:


When I'm off, wearing blue jeans, which are my staple pants, I carry my...


wallet (contents need not be said)

Motorola Droid 2 (love having a keyboard) with handy apps

keys with remote, ignition key, house key, and apartment key

Kershaw Leek assisted opening knife (fine quality)

Wenger SAK I've had for nearly 20 years or a Leatherman Juice S2 which I got last Christmas (mostly carry this one at work)

Streamlight Microstream

depending on where I'm going/what I'm doing a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster or a Glock 23 concealed on or inside my waistband.


I also habitually wear a wristwatch (Citizen) and a belt. I always wear an undershirt either white cotton (my trademark) or a black UnderArmour compression fit. Destination and weather dictate the outer shirt and footwear (always boots probably nine months a year).

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My pocket content isn't what it should be, nor is my EDC. I hate having anything in my pockets unless I'm wearing cargo or tactical pants/shorts. But for the area I live in and generally stay in, it would be enough to get me home or to a safe place.


MY pockets, at the moment:


SOG Twitch II assisted-opening knife

wallet cointaining flat credit-card sized stainless bottle opener and handcuff key

some cash and always a dollar or so in quarters


carabiner on key ring


My EDC ("man-purse" as my wife calls it) (never far away from me, sometimes in my large lunchbox at work):


Fieldline Accessory Pouch with shoulder strap (it's camo, so it's ok)

Glock 23 w/ 1 mag (180 gr Gold Dots)

rechargeable LED tactical-style flashlight

S&W M100 cuffs (not an LEO, but former armed security)

Benchmade CBK (when not on my person)


jigsaw blades (1 metal, 1 wood)

small amount of cash

fingernail clippers w/ nail file

small off-brand leatherman-type tool with pliers, bottle/can openers, etc.


I know it's not perfect, but I add to it periodically, as I remember/am able.

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My EDC has matured to:

Maxpedition Fatboy S-type

MP45 w/ 3 mags

Leatherman Wingman

2 LED flashlights (1 on my belt, 1 in EDC)

4" folding blade, 2x2" folding blades (1 in pocket, 1 in EDC)

Emergency Cash, 25ft Paracord

Rain writable pen/pad

5hour Energy, 1200 calorie bar, bottle water

Fence& Wire Cutters

First Aid pouch:

Waterproof matches/tender/Bic lighter

2 sets spare flashlight batteries

4gauze pads, dozen or so assorted bandaids, cotton balls

Hemostats and tweezers

medical tape, antibiotic cream, alcohol wipes

Zipploc w/ selection of painkillers/allergy pills/Tums/Beano/medications


Multitool (a cheap one)

Qtips n Gun Oil


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I personally work for DoD so my ability to carry concealed is taken away by the fact that my instilation has Military security. DOesn't make me feel safe enough though. It is very nerve Racking. But i carry light and try and keep it work related so i do not get into trouble.


I have my Tri fold wallet with one of my hand cuff keys in the pocket, 3 hair pins, and 4 small rubber bands, and a small additional SD card. I also carry a small 3" Tanto collapsable knife, change, My keys with a monkey paw on it (Steel Ball Bearing wrapped in Paracord), my phone, two small lighters one in each front pocket, My android Phone, and my belt, sunglasses, and ID lanyard. Sounds like a lot but it all fits in three pockets. Oh and a pack of cigarettes too with an old blank credit card slid into the wrapper.

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In my purse, I have:


ID, cash, cards

High intensity LED flashlight (small but effective)


Petroleum based moisturizer/gloss (great for beauty AND for firestarting AND myriad other things)

Keychain set of Philips/flat head screwdrivers

Paper and pen



I should add in some other useful stuff, not a full BOB but more survival-oriented than just the usual detritus.

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