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An Ethical Issue

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Interesting conversation


my general view is ownership if I own it and you are trying to steal it my job is to prevent it.


in order to keep it simple certain movies give us a window to the past and reaction to extreme events

in order natural disasters that have an end date albeit a long journey.

pandemic scenario the real ball buster as it is indiscriminate so it generates the most fear

and monetary disasters depression mass inflation and trepidation.

and the grande mal, muy malo trifecta of terror is all three in enough area as in New Orleans

that caused a major population displacement to our determent, as drugs and murder spiked in this area.

it was not the normal citizen it was the mass criminal element and in the future it will only be worse

crippling unemployment and homelessness will cause migration of very diverse and contradictions in

culture it happened in the 70"s and it happened in the 80's each time the cliff dwellers attempted to

descend on us in the south change our culture.

If your culture failed why would you want to resurrect it but they do and it ends badly.


the movie the good earth is an eye opener paul muni

the grapes of wrath henry fonda

Americathon with john ritter

The dark of the sun rod taylor

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