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Finalizing a deal on 8.9 acres of land of upstate New York. Suggestions?

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So I am purchasing 8.9 acres for 24K. It has a stream running through it and the nearest town is far away, so it is secluded. There is one guy that lives about 5 minutes away and has large corn fields so lots of deer are in the area.


Fish, deer, and corn! Great BOL.


I am going to build a small cabin and hopefully get some solar panels to power it.


Any suggestions on making my BOL secure/secluded/safe?

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Congratualtions! There is nothing like owning your own land and in a beautiful area! I wish you the best of luck.


Sounds really nice with a stream going through it. The area is known for its great hunting. My only advice is terribly hard to do: have fun! :o

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(1) Get to know your neighbor. Give him a hand if possible and ask about the hunting pressure, best and worse weather, where to go for different general learn as much as possible about the area. (2) Might be a good idea to mark you land lines to discourage honest people from checking out your site....not going to slow down jerks...(3)hide some net enabled cameras around the property to keep an eye on things.


On another note .. does the stream have enough volume to power a hydro-electric unit?


Enjoy it.


Additional things to do....(4) meet the local lawmen....both the sheriff and the game warden....get their addresses and phone numbers that you can reach them on. (5) If possible build where you will not be visible from the road and have a clear area around the building so you can see anyone approaching. Planting low growing evergreen plants around the edges of the property can create good cover at a distance from your building(s). Thorny plants are excellent to discourage sight seeing. Keep in mind once the building is spotted one of two things will happen...they will leave or they will check it out.

(7)Do a wind study to see if a windmill would be viable at that location. You will then know if that should be factored into you long range plans. (8)Build hides that take more than a casual search to locate and always secure equipment, tools etc. in them before leaving. (9) Set up motion sensors around the property that will trigger different alarms inside the building. It is best to know where the stranger is coming from....walking up the driveway is one thing ......coming through the woods that are backed up to someones corn field is possibly something else. (10) Find out who is the state biologist for that area...they should be a gold mine for what to plant ..such as fruit trees and native plants that can be eaten. (11) check out Steve Carey ...he builds a stream box to move water to cattle tanks might work for you to fill a cistern at the homestead. His email is Ph. is 406-468-2922 (12) Think about windup lights as a possibility....there are some that last several hours between windings.

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Any suggestions on making my BOL secure/secluded/safe?


Secure: Pretty much impossible if it is not regularly occupied. The earlier suggested cameras are a good idea but only help after the fact. You can factor this in to your cabin design though.

Secluded: Build any structure(s) out of view from the road. Lessen the entrance footprint as much as possible.

Safe: I would recommend you consider a cache or two of the necessary items buried on the property.


Sounds like a great property for all the reasons you listed. I'm envious. Having the water is especially nice. Good luck and keep us posted on your plans and progress.

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a kiva shelter is probably your best bet as far as a shelter goes. its a lot of hard work, but the security of having a secure place underground where youll be safe is a great load off ones mind. and a steel locking door can increase your security breakins are nill . also be aware most streams are polluted upstate. check the water quality and dig a deep well closeby but not too close . peace and happy hunting

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consider an alarm system. Yeah it's a monthly fee but they will be watching the alarm status 24/7. With net cameras you really only get to check whats going on when your watching after that its lights off till the next time you check. Consider storm shutters for the windows, reenforcing the door frame with a long steel striker plate and perforated steel security screen. If some one really wants to get it only takes a 30 dollar ax on the walls but that should be enough to keep the average teen vandals and homeless at bay. If you keep firearms on the premise biggest heaviest safe you can afford and bolt it down. On top of that if you can conceal the safe door behind a fake wall or a hidden door then it will be pretty safe. you have to option of either making the place look as populated as possible or look hidden but at the point that some one finds it all it takes is a knock on the door to figure out who is home. If possible make the drive way as hidden as possible and gated right at the road.


Some folks take the opposite approach.


If thief wants in then they are coming in and it will be hours before any law officer or you arrives from alarm call.


My cabin had more damage done to the doors and windows form them getting in than they took in stuff. All they want is electronics, whiskey, etc....


Dont keep much in there and leave it unlocked or easy to break in b/c new door frame and windows cost far more than the old TV and furniture that you can replace cheaply at the thirft/junk store.


Keep all you good hunting, supplies, fishing, power tools, etc.. in your truck and transport back and forth. Break-ins are inevitable.

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What part of Upstate? Part of my fam lives there and another part owns property there. FYI: The land/ground at least near the St. Lawrence and Alex Bay area is exceptionally rocky. And, Alex Bay area and up to appromiately 10 miles inland is prone ot break-ins/vandalism on unoccupied properties.

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Start planting natural Defence while you can/thorn bushes/wild roses.


also start a small orchard 10 trees will give you enough..

5 apple 5 pear...

This is my favorite company for Mature trees...$39.00 for a mature tree that bears fruit the first year!!dont have to wait 5 to 7 years..


$200.00 is cheap for trees that give back the first year..


After a ton of research this is the winner.

About Shinko Pear Tree...


Shinko is the most fire blight resistant of the Asian pears. The medium to large fruit has excellent, rich, sweet flavor. Shinko is a brownish-green pear that ripens mid-August through mid-September but stores well through January.


Near by at an Amish farm,this is what they grow.No they wont sell them by the busell because there are canned and presold a year in advance..


$84.95 may seem to pricey BUT you get it back the first year..


Long term ...apples/food /trade/vinagar/wine..

Pears same as above..


Yes if I had the Money and land This is what I WOULD PURCHASE..

JMO...and good luck..

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Novice, Congratulations! I love upstate New York especially near the PA border. The hunting and fishing is absolutely awesome! If you don’t mind sharing, would you tell me some of the nearby towns? I spent every hunting season for 25+ years on a farm in Canisteo, NY. Still thinking of buying some land there but the taxes are worse then Massachusetts!


Make sure you post it properly. There are many people that have grown used to using your land and you need to tell them that there is a new owner in town. Meet the neighbors because they will watch your place when you’re not around.


Enjoy your slice of Heaven!

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id kind of like a follow up to the rest of this story please. NP ... its kind of nice to know we can still buy property and get our prep on.. i did the same thing years ago, in the hills of nc.. bought acreage and did a lot of work to enhance my survivability on the land, deer, wild game, geese, turkeys, the works..

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My wife and I love upstate New York. We looked long and hard at several properties AND at the property taxes associated with the State of New York. Also, had we moved there, because of our legal firearms ownership, we would have become instant felons. New York instantly became a "No-Go" place after dealing with the degeneration of my native California politics. Found a better place, while not our ideal, it's very livable.

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