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Breaking and entering

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Snake raised an interesting idea. Actually two different ones. Surfing the net with out leaving tracks was one. The other sounds like a challenge and/or a teaching opportunity....I beleave his words were to the effect that he could break a password in 5 minutes. That could be a useful thing to know how to do. Perhaps he would be willing to expound on both of these topics.

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pass word or brute force hacking is not as hard as it was in the day now you can find


ISO images that you can burn a CD of and pop it in and it will bypass the system and hack the password


automatically as far as traversing the Internet a program called TOR hides your IP address and substitutes


another while threading you through a list of web sites so any looky loos think your web address is the


IP they are seeing this slows down your Internet because your actually connected to and through


sights most do not realize that a sophisticated government attempt would find you and if you did not wipe the


system memory it could retain some data and web search engines like google collect all history of anything


through their browser.


there a 4 main computers that track all information transmitted electronically not counting our major


adversaries russia and china not to mention over 200 + organizations here and I am not talking about


the Kiwana's or the BBB, some do not know that the others exist some are not home field {funny ain't it}


due to our electronic addiction it is easy for anyone to plant information with that 99.99% of juries would find


you guilty because there is nothing as complicated as this subject and it can be debated by forensic experts


but the jury already figures if a charge is against you, you must have done something unless your an attorney


that ran for president then you get a hung jury,


I am afraid all this is good for is to hack your families e-mail which is illegal or hide your Internet porn from your


significant other or children.


Now this brings up WIKIleaks now you know that they were being monitored so apparently someone wanted


the guacamole to hit the fan but as you can see some can get a pass on anything.


they are going to burn the little turd that downloaded the information but systems have intrusion / copy


connectivity on ports alerts yet he connected a usb device and copied information that flabbergasts me.


as I recall a smart card had to be in the system and all information was controlled by card access and logged.


there were other prophylactic measures some physical some electronic some human so I guess we are


getting a little security lax unless your flying to Fargo ND. and are a perky white female then your going to all


but be strip searched and bung holed


of course this is only an opinion.

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"...web address is the IP they are seeing this slows down your Internet because your actually connected to and through sights most do not realize that a sophisticated government attempt would find you and if you did not wipe the system memory it could retain some data and web search engines like google collect all history of anything through their browser..."


THis is how much targeted marketing works by google and amazon ads on various web sites. All you really have to do to avoid alot of this on a WInders box is to clean out Temp Internet files and cookies on a regular bases. internet options > Advanced tab > scroll almost to the bottom, find "Empty Temp internet Files when browser is closed" and check that box on the left and clean your browsing history. Most antiVirus programs do this as part of the scheduled scan. Using your antiVirus app, the 'quick scan' function is not the same as 'full scan'. ALot of people dont realize this.


Winders XP is VERY easy to manipulate and change admin passwords on a machine, even without a special ISO hack disc. Its just a matter of knowing the security hole. You can manipulate admin credentials for Winders7 easily with OphCrack.


THe major Bank & Investment Firm I support has ALL machines locked down tight. I'm the IT guy this 'BULL' of an investment firm turns too to fix shoit, and I dont even have local login credentials to do ANYTHING. I have to do stuff remotely from a HQ building in a different city. No users for the Bank or Investment Firm have the ability to use any USB storage. Only usb KB n Ms.


FOr my own company issue laptop I gotta have my usb security device connected in order for the laptop to boot.

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the only thing is the old doggie in the window trick


camera taking live pictures of screen dependent on how much info your looking for


also a video transmitter between the machine and screen


low tech no tech so you might be the go to guy but they can still bust your B@lls


nothing is secure it is all smoke and mirrors security is like the peanut butter analogy


put a blob of peanut butter in your hand and try to hold it either your body heat makes it


run off or the harder you squeeze the more is gets away from you I have seen the best security


side stepped or intercepted in transit there are no defenses possible to the diabolical mind


Americans spend billions on security and it has to be constantly upgraded and used properly


or it is useless.


am very familiar with OphCrack. and going on the "way back machine" floppy and I mean floppy 5 1/4 inch


I have seen the best fall from grace and new edifices replace them over night.


I love the military grade encryption B.S. I have encryption that is pre back door as per our overseers


circa 1997.

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The trouble with ANY security system is that when it gets to be inconvenient or a bother to use and no threat has appeared in a while, folks will find ways to by-pass the system. Make me remember a dozen passwords and they will all be the same password. Force me to not use the same word everywhere and I'll have a little notebook just FULL of passwords.


Just like 'auto close and lock' doors get propped open, passwords that are made 'break-proof' get compromised because they are too difficult to remember and use.


Interesting thread, let's just make sure we keep it legal and don't give away the farm to the bad guys.

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