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Product Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist

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"Halulite Minimalist – One-person design redefines the meaning of minimalist. 0.6-liter pot and lid boil water for pouch meals, then transforms into an insulated mug simply by inverting the lid and slipping the insulated sleeve over the pot. Kit includes 0.6-liter pot/mug, sip-it lid, insulated sleeve, silicone gripper and telescoping fork/spoon.

Dimensions: 4.2"L x 4.2"W x 4.6"H.

Weight: 5-oz".



The GSI Haluite Minimalist weighs in at just 5-oz and holds.0.6 liters. Pack size is just 4.2” X 4.6”. So should pack nicely in any “BOB”


I picked up the GSI Halulite Minimalist last week from for just $22.86 (free sight to store delivery) and was anxious to give it a whirl. Cabela's also sells this item for those who would prefer to purchase it there for $27.99. has it at $27.95 on their site as well.


My first test was to try boiling water over an open fire (or coals from an open fire) to boil 16 oz. of water. It took just 19 minutes to get the water to a rapid boil (without use of the lid). I used two green sticks to support the pot about an inch above several hot coals. Next was to try boiling the same 16 oz’s on a Coleman mountaineer (model 3021) (yeah I know; it’s time to upgrade my stove) and it took just under 4 minutes 50 seconds (again no lid).


UPDATE: 7/21/12

With my new MSR MicroRocket Stove rapid boil time was down to 4 minutes even (no lid).


The pot cools very quickly after use and should be ready to pack again in 1 min. or less (cooled to be hand held comfortably in 53 seconds after emptying boiling water). Of course if you choose to keep it warm for a while you can just slip it back into its included insulated sleeve and use the lid (I did not try this).


The silicone gripper worked well and I was able to handle the pot and pour water without any discomfort. There are no “special” coatings to worry about scratching on this one so clean up is no problem (not a big deal anyway if you are just boiling water).


I fixed the MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Buffalo Style Chicken, MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Chicken Fajita Filling and the MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Raspberry Crumble. This is where I fully expected the included plastic “Spork” to fail me. I did not believe that it would have the required strength to stir the entrée’s (Buffalo chicken & fajita filling). Much to my surprise it did quite well and held up strong through both.



• Lightweight

• Fast cooling

• No special coatings

• Insulated sleeve (to keep drinks warm)


Don’t likes;

• Plastic spork (I like the titanium sporks much better)

• No measuring marks inside (or outside) the pot (requires carry of an additional measuring device)

• Not able to nest a fuel canister inside



For the price this is an excellent option for a lightweight solo cook set. This one won’t go to waste as I have 4 BOB’s to maintain and this will see use in one of the four.



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